You’ve probably already read of #TheBlondeSaladGoesToHarvard (one of my favorite hashtags ever) a thousand times. Since so many of you keep asking me, here’s what happened… 🙂

A few months ago we received an email, and shortly right after a call from Harvard Business School: they wanted to make ‘The Blonde Salad’ a case study for their MBA program.
After Ricki and I finished many screams of joy (we’ve both studied so many Harvard Business Cases at university so becoming one was such a dream come true) we got the chance to get interviewed several times by professors, who completed the Case Study and presented it to their students.

After that, It was our time to go to Harvard for a lecture about our own case study 🙂
If you want to read it, The Blonde Salad case study is now available HERE.
Thank you for making this happen guys, It’s probably the achievement I’m most proud of (sharing a happiness tear right now) 🙂

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Photos by Susan Young

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  • I’ve bought this case study and it worth every cent I’ve spend. Very inspirational and it is a such a good example, which describing your hard work!
    I am going to use it on my Uni project on blogging.
    excited 🙂

    thank you so much!


    Reply to inna

        hi, could you give me some infromations about the pdf, because i would like buy it for my thesis? thank you so much for your time. bye ((:

        Reply to Leonardo

    Yeah! Congratulations again team The Blonde Salad. You guys really did an amazing job… and this is huge! You all deserve it! Keep working, the better is yet to come! 🙂

    Reply to Filipa Branco
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  • I think becoming a case study for Harvard is the coolest thing ever!

    Reply to caroline

    You inspire me. Thank you for that. Love

    Reply to D.
  • That is a really amazing achievment, and indeed one of your most impressive so far! I loved meeting you at PFW, you’re a great person, and keep up your amazing work! XO Imke

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    Congrats to all the team. I’m studying the influence of fashion blogs in the industry in my masters now – I’m from Brazil and study at Fundação Getulio Vargas!As in the rest of the world the blogs here are getting more and more relevant and its nice to know that one of my favorites (This one!) has become a Harvard business case. The moment I saw it on instagram wanted to read it right away – I already asked for it.
    Also very content to see that a theme I chose to study is been thought as relevant in other places also.

    Congrats again


    Reply to Rosa

    …non si può non leggere questo case-study. E’ interessante e stimolante. Ragazzi under 30 che in pochi anni sono riusciti a creare tutto questo non possono che essere tenuti in considerazione da noi coetanei. Non è vero che l’Italia è un paese morto e in difficoltà… non per tutti i settori. Io un BRAVI ve lo urlo con stima e affetto, non si tratta solo di indossare bei vestiti, scattare belle foto, partecipare a party esclusivi. Si può pensarla diversamente, si può fare altro nella vita ma storie del genere non possono che fare bene a un paese come l’Italia e a giovani come noi, grintosi, ambiziosi, con tanta voglia di fare. I nonni insegnano, i coetanei stimolano, perché in fondo… puntare in alto può solo che fare bene. W la buona e sana competizione, per l’invidia non c’è posto. Si cresce, suvvia!!! YouRock!!!

    Reply to lola

        Ciao Lola, scusa il disturbo , di cosa tratta anche solo in generale questo case study? Perchè vorrei portare TheBlondeSalad alla maturità e magari pensavo che questo pdf mi potesse aiutare a prendere spunto per la mia futura tesina, sai se è solo a pagamento? Grazie in anticipo per la futura risposta!!

        Reply to Leonardo
  • Such a honor, really amazing, congrats again and I will read the case 🙂

    Reply to Chris

    so cool! proving again that theblondesalad is seriously making history!

    Reply to eline

    Congrats! How amazing. You so deserve it. Well done.

    Reply to Maria

    I just bought and read your case and WOW, just WOW! You are one of the persons who inspired me to start my own fashion blog. I started in December 2014 and my website is being built, but by reading this I can’t help to feel how late I am and I’m starting to wonder if it’s even worth it. God, you are my age and look where you are! 🙂 And please, don’t get me wrong I think you and your crew are amazing and have accomplished so much by making smart yet tough decisions, but in order to create something as mind-blowing as you guys did one must be ahead of everyone and I’m sure you guys will continue to grow even more with your new projects.
    For myself, not sure if that will be the case. I love fashion, I really do but looking at my IG and your posts in 2009 when you started, I think you were better then than I am today and it feels disappointing since I don’t think there’s much more I can do to improve. Well, this was long lol. Anyway, keep being great and I wish you guys all the success in the world. Keep creating and blowing our minds with all you do! XO

    Reply to Aimara Mayorca (Ways of Style)

    Congrats, Chiara!!! I’m so happy for you

    Reply to Ana
  • Wow! It’s just incredible and so exciting that blogging is now taken so seriously as a business that Harvard feature it as a case study. A huge congratulations to you and the crew for all your hard work. You must be so proud!
    Stephanie x

    It would be such an honour if you, and your readers, would like to check out my blog:

    Reply to Stephanie Peers

    Very good so happy for you Chiara
    your the best
    Chiara never stop xxx

    Reply to michael

    Wauw! What an achievement Chiara, for you and your team. Congrats! I will read your case study when I find some time 🙂

    Reply to Sennett
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