TEM_7201Chiara in total look Versace to attend the maison’s show.

TEM_6529 TEM_6553 TEM_6608 TEM_6611 TEM_6658 TEM_6682 TEM_6759 TEM_6806 TEM_6818 TEM_6826 TEM_7046PARIS, July 2016

Total look Versace
Hair and makeup by Meghan Nguy
Photos by Timur Emek


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23 Responses to “Haute Couture in Blue”

    baby blue turtleneck + miniskirt = bringing back the ’90s

    Reply to Christine

    Thank you to all involved. Versace, Chiara. the photo-team. the edit-team. viva versace, viva dior.

    Reply to Lex MG
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