Just landed in Istanbul, checked-in in our hotel and now it’s time to explore this new city… It also is my first time in Asia (for half of the city) 😀

Appena atterrata a Istanbul, fatto il check-in in hotel ed ora è tempo di esplorare questa nuova città… E’ anche la mia prima volta in Asia (per metà della città) 😀



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    Dear Chiara,
    Please do not let racist people to leave comment in your blog like Anonymous. We have these lands for thousands of years and there was no Armenian massacre in history, ever never. If we did, there wouldn’t be any armenian in the world now.

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    Can anyone help me with this info: this balenciaga bag is mini or normal size ? ; ) thanks !!

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    respect their culture. don’t be naked!

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    Don't run around to "nude". Different city, different culture. It is a certain respect thing. But do enjoy the trip – amazing city!!!

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  • Have fun 😀

    Heard Istanbul is great – I wanna go as well and can't wait to hear about your tips & experiences!


    Miri's Castle

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  • Welcome. The most beautiful place in Asia to visit Baghdad Street…

    You can find more on the European side as a historic building

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    I lived in Turkey for a while, you'll find tooooo many cool things to do at Istanbul, greate city.. food, entertainment, fashion… lucky you! have a great time!!!! 🙂

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    Welcome to Istanbul!
    Don't leave without visiting Istinye Park (Mall), Kanyon (Mall), Ni?anta?? (Shopping District), Akaretler (Shopping Street)…
    Oh and dine in Corvus (Wine & Cuisine) on Akaretler…
    And Ba?dat Caddesi (Bagdat Street in Asia side of the city)

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  • benvenuti chiara! spero che ti piaci istanbul! buon divertimento a la mia bellissima citta!

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    istanbul is a really great place, I hope you'll have fun here !

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    i was there 2 years ago.. it's a great place.. enjoy :*

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    I hope you will enjoy in Istanbul!Its a big pleasure to have you here 🙂

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  • wow! welcome then 🙂 there are much to do and much to see 🙂 enjoy!

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  • Anche i miei sarebbero dovuti arrivare in Turchia domenica, ma a causa di un piede rotto, ci andranno questo inverno.

    Mi raccomando tantissime foto per raccontarci questa tua scoperta asiatica!

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  • hey welcome to lovely Istanbul:)
    please just keep away from malls and stick to the streets, we love to live in streets. Just discover:) You should see
    *the Old Peninsula for its mosques, tombs and palaces and amazing architecture
    *karakoy also with wonderful art galleries inside historical places
    *galata for niche and extraordinary designer boutiques and of course for the famous galata tower
    *taksim(square) just to walk around and discover amazing places, see how 3 big religions rise hand in hand, get the old rail, and dance on the street
    *ortakoy for incredible and luxurious night life against Bosphorus
    *uskudar for maiden tower which is in the middle of bosphorus
    *grand bazaar for gold, silver jewellery, carpets and vintage accessories
    *spice market for lots of authentic spices
    *eat whatever you see edible:)
    DON'T FORGET to drink at least a small slip of raki:)

    feel free in Istanbul, go nude, go cheer, go whatever you want. we- unlike the general idea- a free country and people eats, wears, drinks whatever they want to, wherever they want to. Just mosque visits needs a bit respect since they are sacred places which I'm sure you understand this as an Italian lady:)

    AND please do not confuse the modern Turkish women with the ones you will see in black urbas like bugs. They are Arab tourists just visiting Istanbul:)

    have a nice holiday:)

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    you just have to go to ANJELIQUE, RE?NA AND NAH?DE at night and go to BEBEK in daytime.

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    I'm glad you said 'for half of the city'. Because the other half is ours. Have a nice time, girl!

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    welcome chiaraa:) nice to hear that you're visiting our country, don't worry about clothing,?stanbul is a modern city.. have a nice time!

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  • welcome to our beutiful country and city:)) I am so happy to see you in my country. ?stanbul has lots of place to see. But you should see also ?zmir in Turkey. ?zmir is more beautiful than ?stanbul. If you can come , you will see 🙂 I am sure that you are gonna love it !! 🙂

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    Have fun! 🙂
    Istanbul is a very multi-cultural city, so it's nothing special if you still wear your favorite things. You have to visit "Bagdat Caddesi", i think you'll love it. Oh and some Shopping Centres like "Kanyon" or "Istinye Park". And of course an Istanbul Trip without a trip through "Istiklal Caddesi" is a big loss 😀

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    if you're in istanbul don't forget to visit sultanbeyli, ümraniye, avc?lar, beylikdüzü & büyük çekmece

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    estou segura que vai adorar, tudo de bonito para si

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    you can do whatever you want and you can wear whatever u want it's such a modern city and u will see what i mean when u begin to explore ISTANBUL

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  • welcome to "ISTANBUL".. now im sure you heard lost of things about here.. you should visit Grand Bazaar first of all.. You must go karaköy and eat "Baklava" in GÜLLÜO?LU.. Of course eminönü, beyo?lu, ortaköy are places which had to seen.. but most important place in here i think "historical peninsula" or as in turkish tarihi Yar?mada". you'll find lots of historical places there.. like topkap? palace, yerebatan sarn?c?, blue mosque etc.. it's not easy to walk around here.. you will be really tired:) don't forget to eat fish with drinking raki:)))

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    oh my god!!! welcome to my city Chiara :)You should visit Taksim,Arnavutköy,Bebek and Rumelihisar?:) Have fun!

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    I visited istanbul and it's really great!!! Enjoy your time <3 kisses from morocco

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    Ciao Ciara, Sono Begum, fashion designer 🙂 I sent u an email, if u have time, we can weet in Istanbul… you can reach me on my mail : , ciaoooo

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  • Just one thing you have to know: Istanbul is very advanced in Fashion 😉 You will love the quarter called "Nisantasi" luxury shopping 😉 And "bebek" and "bagdat caddesi" are the place to see and to be seen 😉 Ohh have fun chiara, enjoy your stay! Try turkish delight, dessert and the food!!!
    Xo, Aylin

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    Welcome sweety 🙂 How many days you stay in ?stanbul?

    Ecem 🙂

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  • I forgot to say: Go to a "hamam" turkish spa. If you are at the grand bazaar then go to a little shop called "Dervis" there are selfmade soaps and beautiful 100% cotton or linen scarfs!

    After visiting reams of mosque, seeing amazing architecture you should visit a museum called "Istanbul modern". Some quick advices, please tell us about the places you discovered and please take many many pictures 😉


    P.S.: There is no problem if you wear shorts or too "nude" because Istanbul and turkish people are liberal! Best thing you can do is to take a scarf with you when you visit a mosque.

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  • welcme to our country ciara…:) i hope u will enjoy here… ciao…:)

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  • Chic and respectful! Very impressed.

    Check our attempt at a fashionable adventure in Italy at

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    at first i saw it and i was like "omg whaat???!?!" i hope you like our city, it's one of the bests 😉

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    Welcome to Istanbul!I'm sure that you're going to have a lot of fun here and don'forget to visit Kanyon(mall), Istinye Park(mall) ,Nisantas? (I go to Nisantas? Is?k High school) and Bagdat Street.They're all great places for shopping. You should go to a seafood restaurant by Bosphorus. (Bebek)

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  • Istanbul is one of the most amazing places I have ever had the pleasure to visit, so beautiful and dripping with history and culture. Would love to go back.

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    mi piacerebbe vederti indossare mocassini o oxford tipicamente maschili, spero in un tuo oufit un po' diverso dal solito su questo genere.

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    you MUST go to Bebek to look around. and for shopping Istinye Park and Nisantasi are the best places for your taste!

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  • For a good Istanbul trip sticking around Bosphorus and Golden Horn is enough. These are the best places in Istanbul. Bosphorus & Golden Horn are what makes Istanbul unique.
    Other people already wrote you where to visit and i recommend to visit the North of ?stanbul too, to be in an extremely beautiful nature with forests and beaches. That's the rural side of ?stanbul and it's breath taking.
    Don't forget to go to Cihangir, and look at the Marmara Sea from the park called "Sanatç?lar Park?"
    For Anatolian Side go to Beylerbeyi, Kanl?ca, Anadolu Hisar?. (Near Bosphorus)
    Don't forget to visit ?stanbul's islands, called Princes' Islands (Adalar, in Turkish) You can go there with a ship. You will see extremely beautiful and natural islands.
    If you wrote where you are in Istanbul which day maybe we all could meet you.

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    Welcome the most beautiful city in world.U have to visit the nisan tasi and taksim's pasaje for the shopping and u have to try the all turkist food and dessert u will suprise kiz all food taste alike a italy taste.
    Have a great time in istanbul:)

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  • Love the CDC bracelet! Wish I bought it in black & gold hw too instead of cerulean blue & silver hw.

    Don't forget to try these restaurants while u are in Istanbul – Balikci Sabbahatin, Miklas and Ulul 29 on the hill! Also check out the Spice Bazaar. Enjoy x

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  • Ohhh… and don't forget the hammam too! Cagaloglu Hammami is a 300 yr old Turkish bath, where Kate Moss did the photo shoot for W magazine. Fab!! x

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    You should come to Malaysia babe! It's absolutely gorgeous! ;D

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  • Istanbul is an amazing city.. I wish you good holiday.. Have fun.. Cant wait, your experiences and photos, share with us..

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    hello welcome :))
    ?stanbul is very fantastic and beatiful city..
    i hope you have a too much time for ?stanbul 🙂
    You can meet Turkish nice brand Oxxo
    Enjoy !!

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    Hi, first time I'm posting on your blog! been motivated by Istanbul! I love this city so much! My favourite just after New York! There are so many hidden places, bars, and the people is so welcoming and charming! boys are hot too!love it! send lots of pics please!

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    I am so surprised that "styleboom" describes everything so perfect =))) thanks a lot. Indeed you are visiting ?stanbul in Ramadan but i am sure you will enjoy it.

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    And ps: i forgot to say; since it is Ramadan, there will be lots of Arabian tourists, of course =) respect!

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    Divertiti tanto a Istanbul!Io non vedo l'ora di andarci..devo ancora attendere 4 settimane!
    Buona esplorazione e se ti va dai qualche consiglio a chi ci andrà in futuro!;)

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  • Ho?geldin Chiara !!! Welcome to Our HomeTown Have a nice Trip.Don't forget to taste our delicious cuisine

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    Welcome to istanbul
    ?stanbula ho?geldin 🙂
    i wish you will love this city

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    La guida Lonely Planet Incontri é fantastica!
    Ciao Chiara…enjoy Istanbul

    U always look so nice!;)

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    Istambul is not in ASIA but in EUROPE

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  • I made a package tour reservation for 4 nights and 5 days with this Private Tours in Istanbul on the internet and ? had great days with a good price in Istanbul thanks to them. They picked me up from Airport to the hotel. They arranged me a 4 stars hotel in old city area (very close to main attractions as hagia sophia or blue mosque). visited a lot of places during these days and all of them were worth to see. For example Dolmabahce Palace, Hagia Sophia, Topokapi Palace, Blue Mosque and of course the Turkish night. On the Turkish night we had the chance to see the traditional dances of Turkey and the same time we could see the Bosphorus during having our dinner. If you want to see a coplex of religions you must visit the Hagia Sophia; Byzantium, Ottoman and Pagan religions are complete each other. We had different guides but all of them were very kind and knowlageble. So the tours were great the hotel was perfect. I left them to do my program and ? only applied. I had a good experiance in Istanbul.

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    Have fun and enjoy your trip 🙂
    But it isnt your first time in Asia, is it? Dubai is in Asia too 😉

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  • Turkey is one of the beautiful places in Europe. I love the rich culture that is being preserved up to this time. I would love to visit this place.

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            you are so funny anonymous :)) if it is armenian land why all world called turkey. please stop being like an idiot. 🙂 and also turkey both of europe and asia. everybody must learn that turkey is not an arabic country.

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