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    I prefer Richie photos! They are more fresh and cute pics!

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    What cosmetic product for eyelashes did you use ?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Amazing photos. The Fashion Society club at the University of Southern California gains so much inspiration from theblondsalad !!!!!

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  • the one where you look over your shoulder with that kind-of-surprised look on your face – that’s one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen of you so far!

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    Absolutely perfect!

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  • nice natural look and its nice to see the contrast of light in the different photos.

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    Great photographs! After seeing yourself in such photos you can easily develop the Narcissus complex.

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    This set of pictures are awesome! You look #beautiful

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    Fab photos !!! especially the last one..your smile 😀 i really adore his works, always capture the best moment of you Chiara.

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    FABULOUS photos. He has a way of capturing your spirit!


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