vinceIt’s true love between Chiara and her denim shorts, especially in summer. She wears them almost all the time, light, dark or ripped, it doesn’t matter, and she uses them everywhere: to go for a breakfast, for a walk downtown Milan or Los Angeles, a cocktail with friends, often in the evening, especially during the holidays. What she matches them with? Often with bodies or T-shirts, always changing accessories and details for a different result every time. In our gallery you’ll find some of her suggestions on how to match your denim shorts; which one do you prefer?

Click here to discover our summer 2015 favorite denim shorts!

46 Responses to “How to match denim shorts”

  • Denim blue goes very well with most things definitely something to have in your wardrobe wheel I practically over use my shorts in summer as well as winter

    Reply to Harvey nichols
  • Gahh this makes me want to buy a million pairs of shorts! She pulls them off so effortlessly.

    Reply to Tonya

    She looks great in every-single-outfit, who does she do it? She’s the bomb dot com.

    Julia xx

    Reply to Julia
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