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  • Lovely outfit! I like how casual it is but still looks well put together

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  • This outfit is super cute! I love that blazer with that crop top! The two pieces make such a perfect combination. I also love the mix of dressy and more casual pieces in this outfit.


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    love your jeans and tha blazer is original conbined 2 styles is so original….
    love you

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  • Love the blazer and the photos, such a pretty location!
    Hannah x

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    Missing your old ‘European’ outfits…

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  • OH MY GOSH!!!!!
    The ligh here is perfect!

    You look so amazing, so STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL Chiara! <3
    Love these photos of you!


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  • the Louis Vuitton backpack is something to die for!!! really cool and stylish!!! and all is combined so well! mannish blazer is super with a crop top!

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  • Every look is even better than the last one, your style is unique. This outfit is absolutely amazing, the contrast between the classic blazer with these ripped jeans and those sneakers is so original, rock and cool. Adore the Louis Vuitton bag, it’s tres chic and it have a boy style that only can wear it in this wonderful way


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