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  • Adorable, very nice color combination with white jeans and Gucci sweater and your huf hat totally amazing… I loved it..

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  • Such an effortless and chic look! Love!

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    I love that sweater with the white pants! And those shoes are too adorable! So chic!


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    Quei jeans sono una meraviglia *^*

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  • Great casual look.

    Have a great week.

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    I miss you writing about your looks! Although the pictures are beautiful, they miss the personalization that made your blog become the phenomenon it is.

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    Well, I suppose the title does not imply what picture one suggests, so in the general meaning of this wish, you can’t have it, and no one can. But, those who dream big, may become big – America is the proof of the axiom. I appreciate the beauty of the sweater and the hat, as well as the good combination with the white jeans. I don’t have any objections against the slippers, but can’t you design sth for more mature women like you?

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  • Anch’io ho un maglioncino azzurro che accosto ai pantaloni bianchi, un abbinamento molto gradevole

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  • The Gucci sweater is pure love, adore the golden details and the color is really beautiful. The way you wear it with these white ripped jeans is so cool and so your style. The Saint Laurent bag in that color is super chic. Just amazing


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  • This sweater is beyond perfect. This outfit is the perfect combination of classy yet casual! So pretty…

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