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DOWNTOWN LA, February 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arhur

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    ODDIO! sei bellissima Chiara!!

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  • Such an editorial and high fashion look, absolutely love all of these photos!!



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    You make Calivins look way better than Justin Beebs

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    Amazing pics !!! U look absolutely 100% Perf

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    Congratulations on being the first blogger to be the subject of a Harvard Business School case study. And no doubt, the first case study subject to post photos of themselves in their underwear the next day! It’s a brave new world! Go girl!

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  • Beautiful photos! I’ve seen “My Calvins” so much lately I think I might just get in the wave and get myself some 😉
    Ambitieuse Paris

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    Love the photos! That sporty undies suit you very good with your elfish look.

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