Do you remember The Blonde Salad: A New Beginning video? The story continues.. A Yves Saint Laurent dose, the lights of LA, Andrew and me. Stay tuned on September 17 to watch the full video! 😉

Vi ricordate del video The Blonde Salad: A New Beginning? La storia continua.. Una dose di Yves Saint Laurent, le luci di LA, Andrew ed io. Appuntamento al 17 Settembre per scoprire il video! 😉

Chiara Ferragni Andrew Arthur YSL The Blonde Salad videoChiara Ferragni Andrew Arthur YSL The Blonde Salad video neonChiara Ferragni Andrew Arthur YSL The Blonde Salad video gas stationChiara Ferragni Andrew Arthur YSL The Blonde Salad video backstage

Photos by Andrew Arthur & Gregorio Capineri Tosetti


 Direction & Edit by Charles Bergquist
Music by Andre Obin “The Arsonist”
Art Director: Alessio Sanzogni
Styling: Gregorio Capineri Tosetti
Hair & Make up: Nikki De Roest
Production Company: Charles Bergquist Studio
Producer: Katrina Adair
1st AD / Producer: Andreea Florescu
1st AC: Matt Read
Production designer: Dan Obzejta
Aerial 1st AC / MoVi Operator: Brian Williamson



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82 Responses to “Rock L.A. Nights coming soon…”

    Great video Chiara! wait for it!

    Reply to Debbie
  • Is this to show your transition to being becoming an official Los Angeles resident?

    Reply to Joyce
  • The car you’re driving in is amazing! WOW! Chiara watching you go from an Italian blogger to a rising HOLLYWOOD star is a legendary story, I hope you soar higher than the edge of the universe Chiara! GO GET THEM! <3

    Check out my newest post which I shot in the fields of Essex featuring a VERY ALEXA CHUNG look, breton stripes and dungarees, and a very cool SUNITA MUKHI evil eye clutch, very illuminati ahaha!!! Plus glitter givenchy sandals!! Please do tell me what you think, and the popular highly requested evil eye clutch got over 1100 likes and 55 comments on instagram, you can buy it on my blog!



    Reply to The Provoker
  • This pictures are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the full video! x

    Reply to Genya
  • Elabori sempre delle idee geniali insieme alla tua crew! Ma come fate!? 🙂 🙂
    Non vedo l’ora di vedere il video completo 😉

    Reply to Sara Bruno
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