TEM_9290Secondo show per il primo giorno di sfilate Haute Couture di Chiara: per la sfilata della maison ha scelto un total look in grigio Dior.

TEM_9277 TEM_9276 TEM_9246 TEM_8832 TEM_8810 TEM_8783 TEM_8733 TEM_8712 TEM_8706 TEM_8702 TEM_8673 TEM_8668 TEM_8656PARIS, July 2016

Total look Dior
Hair and makeup by Giulio Panciera
Photos by Timur Emek

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23 Responses to “Le gris, c’est chic!”

    TOTALLY A M A Z I N G. it’s classy and at-the-same-time provocative, but not like we’ve ever seen before ! it’s elegant it’s daring. it’s fresh it’s controlled (retenue). it’s sober it’s wild. it’s dreamy it’s parisian it’s grey it’s black. it’s leading fashion like she knows and dares to do, sometimes. is this outfit, are these pictures going to go around the world ? i think so.

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