It might sound strange, but this is how it is! Since the very beginning, I’ve always been myself and I’ve always tried to avoid having anyone telling me what to do or how to do it…  Yes, my style changed a lot too, and I believe I’ve learned how to bring out myself even more and how to communicate who I am, without too much thinking, drawing inspiration from people, models, people in the streets, artists, friends… The secret lies in being able to always identify what you can make yours, feeling like yourself at all times. Changing, maybe following trends but always making them your own…This is the message that Amazon Fashion and I would like to share: Look like you, don’t look like me!

Share with me all the outfits you are proud of and those that make you feel like yourself wearing using the hashtag #looklikeyou 🙂

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  • Se c’è una cosa che ho sempre ammirato di te, e il fatto di seguire la moda però creando tendenza.

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    mi piace molto l’outfit a pois!
    è vero sei cambiata molto Chiara, ma potevi anche restare com’eri quando vivevi in Italia, eri perfetta anche così 🙂

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  • Chiara, your looks are so inspirational, not because they’re stylish and current and so copy-able (they are all that!), but because you gave people like me the affirmation to dress up for to feast my eyes instead of keeping up with fashion trend forecasts.

    Love you x

    Reply to Stacia

    I like your advice….but certain looks and clothes and styles do look better depending on your frame and features…..for you the second pic….jumping up in the yellow summer outfit with white tennis shoes and your hair parted on the side (vs in the middle)screams…. B E A U T I F U L ….! I’m just an old man who still loves to see people’s passion and you have a very nice flair and air about yours. All the best.

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  • Being yourself, accepting who you are, follow your own path..That’s the true meaning of life!

    xxx Anastasia

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  • Great post! I also think it is very important to always be yourself. Thank you for sharing this message. One of the items that truly express my style is my black leather jacket. It is an allrounder and I actually wear it as often as I can.


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  • This is so true! but that’s also why I always liked your blog so much, you were always unique and never tired to be like everyone else! 🙂

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  • It’s taken me a long time but I am finally about what you are saying! This post of yours really pulls at my heart. So many years had people (even friends) say I’m weird because of my interests and my fashion sense. And finally I’ve launched my own blog and i am being given me. I have put up fotos of what I like to wear and what I like to do and my passions. This post actually brought tears to my eyes cos I believe in this so much. I am who I am. I look like me. Thank you Chiara xx grazie

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  • You really do have a great sense of style. I can pull something inspirational out of every piece! Thanks

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    Congrats on being chosen as Amazon European Ambassador Spring/Summer 2016. I subscribe to your idea of feeling like oneself at all times. Great thought to live by.

    xoxo Eva |

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  • Remind me of a saying I heard years ago….
    “Be Yourself….everyone else is taken” – loved it!

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  • I love the fact that this is more than just a topic, but that this is the drive behind your collaboration with Amazon Fashion. Love that you provide an array of different kinds of items and looks but that you leave the styling and imagination all up to the customer to make it their own. I also love all of the looks that you provided with the campaign, they’re all fun and different.

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  • This is something that everyone should live by to the best of their ability!

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  • You always look like you and you look gorgeous! I agree, your style has changed, but so had mine and everyone else who loves fashion and uses fashion to express themselves! You are still you and in every outfit I can see Chiara’s personality!


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  • Happy to see this post you are great in what you’re doing.

    Xoxo, Saga

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