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  • I want to go to Marocco so bad too! It looks so beautiful!

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    I love Morrocco and your outfit was perfect, channeling Talitha Getty! But I miss your commentary. These photos I’ve already seen weeks ago on Instagram. I want to read about your impressions and experiences.

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  • What great design inspiration! Colors, patterns, and architecture are all fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

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  • I just love so many colours in the pictures. It looks such a lovely place. Great post.


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  • Inspiring pictures. I like Moroccan architecture. My dream is to see the starry night from the Moroccan desert. This outfit is in harmony with the place. Beautiful. Thank you.

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  • I definitely have to visit Marrakech. Love your outfit! 🙂

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  • Amazing pictures in an amazing city! I always wanted to go there (hopefully I will sometime soon^^) The colors of your outfit match the colors of the environment perfectly! I love this jumpsuit with a very special pattern together with the wave lines of the vest! Perfect! Hope there will be another Post from Morocco xo


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  • Oh how I love these colors, they bring summer even to countries with heavy rain (which I actually love right now). And you look so golden glowing – amazing!

    Fashion x Literature x Lifestyle


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  • ma io non capisco se mi hai bloccato su facebook o se c’è un errore strano! non riesco più a mettere né like né commenti! :/

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  • Hi Chiara!

    This trip and photojournalism is extraordinary! I can’t believe you were so brave to wear that vendor’s snake around your neck–without having a “yukky” face….beautiful and composed as always. And I’m longing for that Valentino bag!

    Kiss kiss

    adorn la femme

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    This is my favorite of all your fabulous outfits! Do you mind sharing where & when you purchased that lovely Missoni vest? Thank you!

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    This might be my favorite of your many fabulous outfits! Do you mind sharing where & when you purchased that lovely Missoni vest?

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  • I love your style!!! Your blog is so inspirational to me (being a new blogger) and I love checking yours out!

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  • Love the mix of so many different prints, it’s perfect! 🙂

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    I love it Chiara ! Your photos and outfits are always so inspiring <3

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  • Hey Chiara and the TBS crew! I’ve been wanting to go to Morocco for a while now, these photos are beautiful. But after seeing the photo with the snake, I’m having some doubts now as I have the biggest snakephobia. Anyway, Chiara looks gorgeous as ever!

    Sending you love from Helsinki! http://www.arcticvanilla.com/

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  • Beautiful photos from the exotic Marrakech. The jumpsuit have an amazing print, the design is classic and casual, I like how you wear it with the Missoni scarf, it’s just the perfect mix. These Isabel Marant sandals are pure boho-chic style and the Valentino bag with the rainbow color is pure love


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  • What lovely colours! I love these Moroccan vibes.


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    OMG!! Every pics look awesome!! Marrakech is now on my bucketlist

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