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My biggest joy of my Italian days? The time that I finally have a chance to share with my baby: my French bulldog, Matilda.
My love for her is hard to explain and only whose who have, or have had, a pet can understand me 100%.
Imagine how beautiful was spending a day with her shooting in Milano, walking around the park and wearing Jimmy Choo at my feet and the new “Jimmy Choo x Rafael Mantesso capsule collection”, whose main character is another dog 🙂

Jimmy Choo 4 Jimmy Choo 2 Jimmy Choo 7 Jimmy Choo 8 Jimmy Choo 5 Jimmy Choo 3 Jimmy Choo 6
MILAN, May 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur


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141 Responses to “Mati my love”

  • Mati is so so sweet, just adore your dog and am always happy when it is on Snapchat 🙂 The last picture from you is amazing – beautiful look!! Katrin/ http://purpleglory.de

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  • Oh my gosh, Mati is so beautiful!! I love french bulldogs. The photos are all so stunning and amazing, you look incredible Chiara!

    Reply to Harriet Emily
  • I totally understand your love to Matilda. My dog is a really important part of my family. The tour through your hometown was really cute, you seemed very happy. You are a great inspiration for young girls. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

    Reply to Lucia

    Just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your Snapchat tour of your hometown today– it’s just beautiful. It was such a lovely, personal video with your Dad and Grandfather. Really enjoyed seeing this other side of your life. You’re so lucky to have such a close family, even when you live far apart.

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    I have to add that these are wonderful photos of you and Mati. You will treasure these for the rest of your life! So many of us take photos of our pets but don’t always take photos together with our pets. These are delightful.

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    Oh, Matilda is so cute! I have a chocolate labrador and I love french bulldogs, so I totally understand you 🙂 And you are stunningly beautiful Chiara. Great post.
    Rafi from http://theneckband.blogspot.com

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  • Bellissime le foto, eh sì. . Ti capisco al 100% ! I cani sono a volte davvero meglio delle persone, ti danno amore e non puoi non ricambiarlo!

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  • Cute pictures! And I understand about missing Matilda, I would not be able to live without my dog! x

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  • Love the Outfit!
    Matilda is such a cutie – i’m in love.


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  • How cool is it to be able to feature your pet during a shoot? I wish I could do the same for my turtle Henry lol


    A Versatile Style Blog

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  • Che bellissime foto, è vero gli animali danno una gioia indescrivibile, sono felice che tu abbia potuto trascorrere dei bei momenti con Matilda

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  • Wow ti vedo molto meglio, sarà la pet therapy?

    Stupenda! CIao Maty!

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  • Love the pics, but it looks like there is an Iphone filter on them..

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  • She is so adorable, always seems to be smiling! I totally get you, these photos make me miss my dog from home as well 🙂 Stunning photos as always, and I loved finally hearing some personal insight from you again 🙂



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  • The first look with the button down denim skirt by Zara and the suede top is just amazing, the 70s inspiration is perfect for your style and I’m so in love with these beautiful Jimmy Choo wedges. The second outfit is more classic and the contrast between the stripes skirt and these fabulous pink heels is wonderful. Matilda looks adorable, she is the queen of the shooting
    (old http://www.misskeyblog.com/)

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