In these cloudy and cold days spent studying I took a look at the photos taken last Summer and i thought It would have been a great idea to publish them here. I had such a nice time, probably because Summer is the season I love the most. I’ve been to Isola Del Giglio in Tuscany, to Rome and to Sicily with Richie, It was simply amazing. I really have to say that Italy is one of the most beautiful countries ever, find a way to visit it if you haven’t already.
I should have a little bit more of freetime in the next days so I hope I’ll publish a little bit more, but I already am very proud of my little blog, I want it to become a big project involving all the things I like. Thanks for watching and for your comments, you all are extremely nice to me 😀

In questi giorni freddi e nuvolosi passati a studiare ho dato un’occhiata alle foto scattate la scorsa estate e ho pensato sarebbe stata una buona idea pubblicarle qui. Mi sono veramente divertita molto, probabilmente perchè l’estate è la stagione che amo di più. Sono stata all’isola del Giglio in Toscana, a Roma e in Sicilia con Richie, favoloso. Devo veramente dire che l’italia e’ uno dei paesi più belli al mondo, e se non l’avete mai visitata dovreste trovare un modo per farlo.
Nei prossimi giorni dovrei avere un pò più di tempo libero quindi spero di poter pubblicare qualcosa di più, ma sono già molto orgogliosa del mio piccolo blog, e vorrei diventasse un progetto che racchiude tutto ciò che amo. Grazie per venire a dare un’occhiata e per i vostri commenti, siete tutti incredibilmente gentili con me 😀

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    Hi Chiara, I’ve got serious weight problems and I just wanted to ask you what is your weight? Please don’t ignore! I’m desperate 🙁

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  • I love your style!
    But I was wondering? I am a new reader, so maybe you have told the readers before, but what are you studying? And an other question is how can you afford all your nice clothes when you are a student? 🙂
    Love your pictures btw you are so pretty!

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  • Direi che si potrebbe fare! devo vedere se ce la faccio il problema è tornare cristo, in caso ci aggiorniamo. ;)tu parti il 7?

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  • Chiara Ferragni

    Zara I study law at Bocconi university, 4th year 😀
    I work sometimes a model and for other little jobs, but I have to thank my parents for all the can give me.
    Parto settimana prossima, dai dai dai viennetto!

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  • this is an amazing post! every picture is beautiful! i really enjoy reading your blog:)
    and yea italy is amazing, love it miss it.
    good luck with your exams!

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    ART ART ART! I like ur pictures tooo much!
    (And greetings from Finland) 🙂

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    Italy looks amazing & I'm missing summerrr too! I wished I lived in Italy but for now New York is where I'm freezing my butt off.

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  • Chiara Ferragni

    Em NYC is so cool, I visited it last april and the year before and that's where i'd like to live the most!
    NAM thanks so much!
    Grace you're so nice!

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  • Your such a beautiful person. And you're right, Italy is amazing. You and your boyfriend are a to die for couple.
    Love from California.

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  • woow when I look at you and your boyfriend, in your pictures, you remindme to the cinema paradiso movie…………

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  • hey i found your blog from seeing you on lookbook. i have to say this is my favorite post. i spent this past summer in italy and youre right, it is the most beautiful country ever. i flew into milan but didnt see much more than milano centrale unfortunately. im thinking seriously of starting a blog soon myself but im not sure about the time commitment. i love your style and i will admit i steal some idea from you. sorry. you can find me of facebook and twitter if you want to look me up.
    lauren vaught

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  • Hi Chiara!!! You look beautiful as usual and the photos of you and Richie are so sweet!!!! Amazing scenarios by the way….
    After Brazil, Italy is for sure my favorite country in the world: great places, delicious pasta, the most romantic music and very nice people. I can't wait to come back. Last year I was in Torino and Milano for 2 weeks with some italian friends. The year before that I was in Toscana. And the year before I was in Rome.
    I know your blog is just starting but it is already at the top of my list. Keep going!!

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  • Aww,it's actually beginning to head into summer here in Australia! Love your blog,the photos are always stunning and you and richie are gorgeous,the cat too 😀

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  • You have amazing style. Italy looks so pretty, I definitely want to go there someday! You & Richie are such a cute couple!

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  • che belle queste foto! le conoscevo gia tutte ovviamante perchè le avevo viste su flickr! tra le mie preerite restano sempre quella della macchina dove ti togli la maglia e quella dove sembri pubblicizzare una crema per il corpo!

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  • What a pretty Italian girl. I'm gonna learn Italian from your blog. Glad you had so much fun with ur bf!

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  • lovely pictures!
    your clothes are sooo adorable! ecpescially your chanel bag ?

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  • Ciao tatina!!!! Non potevano mancare questi magnifici scatti…qualcuno già lo conoscevo..e già lo ricordavo con tanta dolcezza!!!Sono foto meravigliose…come te 🙂
    Il tuo blog è magnifico…Con tanta semplicità…lo hai reso stupendo e unico…ma come fai a essere così favolosa!!!!Un megabacio…ps nn saprei dirti quale preferisco 🙂

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  • Chiara Ferragni

    Annachiara e Punkie grazie mille come sempre 😀
    Girls thanks so much for your comments, I love reading them and they make me feel really happy!Tell me if you'd like me to publish some old photos as well, especially for people who started to follow me recently… 😀

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  • Hi Chiare your blog is awesome!!! I've got a few questions 🙂 How tall are you ? What do you do for weight control ??

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  • Ciao gorgeous,
    Greetings from Finland! I just recently found your blog and I LOVE it already 😉 You have such an unique and inspiring style, and all the photos are just soo beautiful. It would be awesome to see some older photos too, and see how your style has changed through the years 🙂 Oh and it sure is beautiful in Sicily, I visited there earlier this year.

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  • beautiful pictures, especially those with your bf 🙂

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  • AND these "sublimated by your BOMBnextDoor-esque sylph's prestance" pictures Truly are an exquisite way to keep alive Summer's nostalgy . . .
    ps: The first picture's huge side cleavage = Sexy casualness at its Best !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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  • Hi! Girl you're beautiful! You should be a model! I've got two questions for you 🙂
    Your color of hair is natural? How old are you?

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  • I love all your clothes, and how you put your outfits together!
    How did you and Richie meet?:) You are so cute!
    Also i was wondering where you buy most clothes and how old are you?
    I just started following you so it would be great if you posted som old pictures:)
    Keep up the good work!

    Reply to zara
  • beauuuuutiful pictures!
    you must be the happiest girl on earth.
    you have the chanel bag i want, the clothes i like, a gorgeous boyfriend…
    congrats 🙂

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  • Le mie preferite sono quella dove sei distesa sul divano con i cuscini fiorati (che è la mia preferita in assoluto) e quella dove salti sulla schiena di Richie al mare ?

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  • Great photos Chiara. Summer in Italy is a wonderful experience, having been there twice myself I can attest to the splendor of Tuscany on an August Afternoon at sunset, glass of wine in hand and great company, the best.

    This project of yours is going to be fantastic. Cheers!!

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  • awesome photos. Italy really is the most beautiful country 😉 I go there every year about 5 times. keep on blogging!!

    do you still use facebook, because i sent a friend request but you didn't confirm it yet ;))

    Reply to Alexandra
  • I love Italy!!!! These photos make me want to go back (and to steal everything in your wardrobe!). So far I've been to Rome, Sorrento and Volpedo, and day trips to Pompeii and Capri. The food is always delicious, the country is so beautiful and the people are so nice. I'd love to spend a month or two traveling all around Italy.

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  • Chiara Ferragni

    Thanks everybody so much for the support… I have some time to post on my blog this night so tell me what you'd like to see the most and i'll try to upload photos… My natural hair is dark blonde, almost ginger, every 3 months I make them a little bit lighter at the hairdress even If i'm thinking of keeping them of my natural colour now, we'll see.
    Zara Richie and I met thanks to a friend of mine who started talking with him and introduced him to me, we went skiing all together at the beginning of december 2006 and we fell in love immediately 😀
    I'm 22 years old, my birthday is on the 7th may, I love bags more than any other clothes, especially Balenciaga, Chanel and Hermes of course. I spend almost all my money on them 😀 For clothes I buy a lot from Zara, H&M,topshop, vintage stores, American Apparel but it depends, sometimes also high brands, especially for jeans or shoes.
    What else you'd like to know?

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  • I'm going to be very nosey now and ask what do you do for a living? Sorry if you've already mentioned it but I only discovered your blog yesterday. I love all those bags too but they're so expensive. I did notice when I was in Italy that Italian women seem to invest in designer bags and shoes.
    Oh, and where would you recommend people to visit in Italy??

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  • Ahhhh, i totally love those pictures! You 2 look so nice together!:) And I totally love Italy too, i live in Finland but i've been in italy 2 times… once in Pescara and last summer i was in Napoli, and I will come there many many MANY times more!


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  • Chiara Ferragni

    I work as a model in a showroom and do other jobs sometimes but I am a law student 😀
    When I have some money I "invest" it in a bag, and I also receive them as presents from Richie and my parents, I also buy some of them used or exchange them with my friends! I'm a bag maniac gosh!

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  • Well I think they are great investments! When I was in Turkey last year there were loads of designer copies, some were good fakes, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy one. It's not the same as the real thing!
    Good luck with your law studies.

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  • Mi hanno messo allegria queste foto. Adoro la tua borsa Chanel panna io ce l'ho nera. La desidero troppo sia panna che rosa e rossa, forse a ottant'anni potrò permettermele tutte….

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  • i've never seen a better couple before. u look perfectly together.
    i love ur photos.. ur body is gorgeous *.* i'm really jealous.

    Reply to Julia.
  • Wow,amazing blog!Love it!You have such an amazing style!Just wow!:)
    Please please show more pictures of summer in Italy!!!Love it!Wow:)

    Reply to Christina
  • beautiful, carefree. this is everything that summer should be.

    your pictures made my day <3

    Reply to Andrea
  • Wow! you and Richie are a match made in heaven 😀 you have a great style and body! do you go to the gym or work out? if so, what do you do? please tell us how you keep your body so skinny yet healthy

    Reply to Rachel
  • Chiara Ferragni

    VAnessa and Rachel thanks so much ;D
    Rachel I'm very lucky about my body because I only run sometimes and go skiing some days in winter, and I always eat so much 🙂

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  • Hi! Your blog is nice! But your pictures are fantastics. I like you, I like your style, your boyfriend, your home and your optimism. Keep it up! Your T-Shirt Chanel are great! In Poland there are no shops Chanel 🙁 Kisses from Poland. Magdalena

    Reply to Mago
  • i absolutely adore you. all of your pictures are amazing, and you are too gorgeous! and you and your boyfriend make me so jealous! you seem to have a perfect relationship!

    Reply to Courtney O.

    Scusa, una domanda: ma il SENSO di questo blog?
    Senza polemica, solo curiosità. Grazie per la risposta. Giulia.

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  • I love theese photos. I miss hot and long days, and you've given me a lot of ideas for next summer or some winter holiday in hot country! <3

    Reply to Carol


    I like reading your blog and watching your pictures. I'm just a beginning blogger but I hope one day my blog will be as popular as yours! But it looks like I'm going to be having some work with that 😉

    Keep up the good work!

    Reply to Evi

    i am from iran and so far from u..but im huge fan of u…you are really attractive….go0d 4 u and your style:x

    Reply to sevda

    hey chiara.. love your style <3 plz tell me how much do you weight!?

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  • I have been following your blog for over a year..or two.I love your style, your photos. You are a beautiful,optimistic girl and full of life. You're so lucky for having such a perfect life.
    I love Italy, I wish I could visit it someday.
    It would be nice if you can post more old photos.

    Reply to crengux

    Hello Chiara, I have one question for you: where is the shirt with the logo of Chanel? You know where I can get sweaters… with that logo?
    Thank you, I would like to be like you someday!!

    Reply to Vanesa Casanova
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