chiary1Hey guys, many of you on Instagram ask me about the details on my everyday outfits, so I thought I’d collect them here with a few bonus pics. Hope you like the idea! 😉

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  • I love you for doing this!! Every time you Instagram, I’m like “I wonder what brand that is?” Could you tag the brands in your photos to make it easier for us to shop along with you? Can’t wait to read more of your posts.


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    ABSOLUTELY LOVING the burgundy Chanel bag with the gold hardware…a cross between the classic flap with the CC lock and the 2.55 with the original chain without the interwoven leather!!
    It so refreshing to see this particular style with so many of the other bloggers wearing mainly only the classic flap or the Boy…it also goes so well with all the outfits, perfectly paired with everything!
    What fabric is it please (can’t seem to figure it out for certain…)
    Would you send me the item details and / or let me know which collection is from and hence if it’s still available to buy new from boutiques?
    Keep up the excellent work!
    Angela x

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    Thank you so much! I’m always craving to know more about your looks.
    That vintage dress is

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  • You look SO great, and got an amazing sense of style!

    love from Sweden 🙂

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    i love this Post. ♡
    It would be great if you do more posts like this.

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