First purchase from New York… I couldn’t resist to a wonderful Louboutin pairs 🙂
Soon at my feet!

Primo acquisto di New York… Non ho resistito ad uno splendido paio di Louboutin 🙂
Presto ai miei piedi!

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    I’m 40 size feet too. But it’s very hard to buy beautiful shoes in China.

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    your finally in my time zone 🙂 aha
    hope to see what these beauties look like

    love from canada

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    you use the same number of shoes that I use:) love the blog and your style, but mostly your collection of shoes
    kisses from Portugal

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  • I think they are perfect)all loubutin pairs are perfect)

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  • I look forward to seeing them, of course I'll love because you have a perfect taste!

    Kisses Chiara!


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    well, it's all on the box! 🙂
    great choice Chiara!

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  • So excited to see them. I want a new pair so badly but the ones I like are always sold out online. I plan on finding a hot pair in Miami when I go in November.

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    Oh Chiara, beata te che puoi! Io a stento posso permettermi un paio di scarpe anonime all'anno!
    Sei bellissima!!!
    Un bacio

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    The heels are shoppers who are in the model Helmoure 100mm purple! Look on the white label on the box, there is revealed the mystery:)

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    Sono le Helmour..leggete l'etichetta sulla scatola..glitterate… ci rimane solo di aspettare il colore!!!

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  • ciao chiara la tua borsa di celine boston bag è la misura medium? se sì quanto costa? grazie ciao!

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  • Chiara
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    Thanks a lot people! I wore the new Louboutins today so you can see them in tomorrow's post 🙂
    My flat shoes are from Lolita!

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