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Now I’m in LA and It’s paradise.. This is how I feel everytime I’m in Los Angeles: inside a beautiful dream. Everything inspires me, everything has a different taste and smell.
And the sun always shines: here I am wearing a new Styligion dress with my latest vintage purchase, the best pair of glasses ever found.

Now I’m in LA and It’s paradise… Ecco come mi sento quando sono a Los Angeles: dentro un bellissimo sogno. Tutto mi ispira, tutto ha un profumo e sapore diverso.
Ed il sole splende sempre: eccomi indossare un nuovo abitino di Styligion insieme al mio ultimo acquisto vintage, i più bei occhiali mai trovati.

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I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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    Ciao Chiara, sei sempre brava ma sta diventando noioso seguire il tuo blog: post sempre più rari e idee scarse con pochi spunti…

    Reply to Dani
  • Love your outfit dear!
    You have such a great sense of style, so inspiring <3
    Have a nice day.
    Love, Mona

    Reply to Mona

    But when Will you come to Mad? We would like to buy your book , for example, or take a pair of the splendid “merceditas”…. When, when!!!

    Reply to Estefania & Eloisa
  • I love the color blue of your dress ! Really stunning ! Your sunglasses are crazy ! You’re so lucky to be in LA !

    Reply to nice 974
  • Beautiful look on you. Love the glasses on you.

    Have a wonderful day.


    Reply to Sofia

    Stunning look my beautiful darling!! OMG I love pizza, just a little fact for you.. according to what I read if you eat pizza once a week it can decrease the risk of esophageal cancer.. that’s the reason why I love it so much!!!! <33333


    Reply to Barbirella

    I love the back of the dress, amazing!

    Reply to Marion
  • You are so beautiful! We with pleasure to make your portret from real money – usa dollars. Our studio make art from real money – the collage from dollars. Visit us. xoxo

    Reply to Irina Truhanova
  • Ahw you’re so beautiful! Loveee the bag and the boots! ^^

    Reply to Alix


    Che caduta! Dai Chiara -.-” Ci rappresenti nel tuo campo, nel mondo e cadi su un concetto di grammatica di seconda elementare? Ma nooooo!

    Secondo me il vestito è esageratamente corto, ma forse è un effetto della fotografia, ed io amo il corto eh!
    E gli stivaletti … Quando fa caldo? E’ una cosa che non capiro’ mai ^^ Un paio di scarpe normali, sandali, ballerine, un paio di Superga pure, no?

    Il blu ti dona comunque! E sorridi Chiara, stai vivendo un sogno!

    Reply to Mary
  • I love the pictures! I’m going out to LA in the summer for awhile, I know what you mean about it being wonderful 🙂 Great post
    Check me out at glitterbunnies.wordpress.com


    Reply to Heather Murray
  • LOVE those glasses!! Are they just basic clear ones, or do they have a prescription in them?

    And I think the jacket is too cute, along with that incredibly colored dress! Simply on par Chiara!


    Reply to Julia

    Magari “begli occhiali” e non “bei occhiali”. 😉

    Reply to Laura

    I am loving the Styligion fashion you have been featuring in your posts, this dress is adorable! Neat vintage eyewear by the way, they remind me of my Dad’s specs but in a totally cool way!


    Reply to Kim

    You look so happy in these pictures !
    I love the dress and the purse , they are gorgeous , but I have to admit that I don’t like the glasses and I would have paired different shoes with the dress.

    xx Julia


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  • Love the back of this dress!!

    I went to LA for the first time last year to attend the Grammy’s and I still daydream about it…I’ve been looking forward to going back since then!..


    Reply to Seppy

    These glasses fit you perfectly! I like the easy and simple way you wear things and yet always look special! You are stunning!


    Reply to Mel

    how did u do ur hair ??? it’s perfect <3

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  • DYING over this look! You look so fresh and happy! I’ve been lusting over that saint laurent baby duffle since it came out…that blue colorway is perfection!

    Enjoy the sunshine & deliciously unhealthy food options 😉

    Reply to Rima
  • I am so jealous!!!! I wish I could be in LA too, looks amazing. And yet again I love your clothes, your style is simply to die for. Plus I must have that jacket in my life, I mean Kate Moss and pizza? They’re like my two favourite things.

    Enjoy your time in LA! And keep posting lovely photos, I enjoy them so much <3
    Much Love x


  • chiara you look so pretty , i really love your style and now you have a new follower , i have to say that i love your shoes collection , hope to find it in bilbao and then i can show all my followers the beauty of it. youre really nice and pretty , so perfect! muaaa

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    Un Rincón Para Mis Botas

    Reply to Fiorella Echegaray

    love the jacket!
    visit my blog

    Reply to Sophie

    J’aime beaucoup les deux couleurs de bleu.
    Si vous vous installez à LA qui va s’occuper de votre Mathilda.

    Reply to claudine

    The glasses are amazing!!! What brand are they? I understand that they are vintage but what is the name on them?

    Thank you 🙂

    Reply to Iryna

    Bellissima come sempre…
    Carino il vestito abbinato ai booties.



    Reply to Chrissie

    Si nota che l’aria di LA ti fa bene… I tuoi sorrisi diventano radiosi! Adoro questo look in nero e blu!

    Reply to Elisabetta

    Love the Saint Laurent bag, just saw it on your Instagram, the colour is just georgeous!

    For me it’s also a dream to be once in LA, hope I’ll find a way 😀

    HAve fun, girl!


    Reply to N.

    Beautiful dress and a beautiful dress on you

    Reply to Smile51
  • Great dress! Love how you matched it with those booties!

    Reply to Gena

    Beautiful boots and great pictures 🙂

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  • Love your whimsical jacket. It’s so cute. This is a great look for the weekend to be cute and comfy.



    Reply to Sofia
  • I feel the same way. Everytime I come to LA, I never want to leave again.

    Reply to Phie

    It´s true ! LA is a paradise !! Enjoy Chiara

    XX Luba
    Styling a camel coat, today on


    Sei sempre stupendaaa! Ti seguo da quando pubblicavi le foto su flickr e penso tu sia davvero fortunata oltre che magnifica! Baci claudia

    Reply to Claudia

    Good morning!
    I was wondering how tall you are. I am 1,75m. The reason I am asking is because I want to compare the length of some of amazing clothes that you wear and how they would fit me. By the way, I really admire your style and I must admit that you influenced me in a good way concerning fashion. Thank you and welcome back to Europe!
    Zozo from Athens, Greece

    Reply to Zozo
  • The jacket is so cool and the dress is so chic. Love so much the handbag, it’s beautiful and awesome. Amazing look with the eyewear and these boots are so rock. You have an incredible style


    Reply to Miss Key
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