8F3A9131 The first day of NYFW was all about colors! Color Rebel hairstyle by Redken, super simple outfit and my favourite accessories from Chanel fall/winter 2014/2015 collection!

Il primo giorno di NYFW è stato sicuramente un’esplosione di colori! Hairstyle Color Rebel di Redken, mixato ai miei accessori preferiti della collezione autunno/inverno 201472015 di Chanel! 8F3A9147 8F3A90668F3A9153 8F3A9128 8F3A9135 8F3A9322 8F3A9117 8F3A9133 8F3A9261 8F3A9151 8F3A9120 8F3A9156

I was wearing:


Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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    amateur girls, with huge breasts and milk, breatfeeding, nipple play, lactating games, auto drip !! 100% Reccomended for lactation fans !!

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  • Lot of real amateur girls, with huge breasts and milk, breatfeeding, nipple play, lactating games, auto drip !!

    Reply to Gaimon

    What a great outfit ! I love what you do !

    Reply to Louise
  • What a cool look on you. Love the whimsical candy necklace.



    Reply to Sofia
  • I don’t know if i would wear this outfit it ever but what i know is that i want that bag.
    SOOOo give me that amazing chanel know!

    Reply to Roos
  • Sono una nuova blogger di 17 anni.Adoro il tuo stile e ti ammiro moltissimo!!!Complimenti!!!
    Spero di diventare come te!!!!
    Baci Martina

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  • Aggiornamenti sulle sfilate, qualche streaming come facevate per gli anni passati? Qualche look, un riassuntino di NY?

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  • Loved the whole look, especially the pink hair, except for those shoes. I know it’s Chanel, but it looked kind of weird with the rest of the outfit, and for me it ruined the otherwise pretty look.

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    Insane hair! 😉 I don’t like the shoes though…

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  • This outfit is just so cool and different from everything else you’d see during NYFW. Your hair tops it all off perfectly, you look so funkaaay!

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    Chiara is such inspo ! she can wear everything and it looks perfect,thanks to her blogging become serious job.Thank you Chiara for being my inspiration too
    Please check my blog

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  • Love the glasses and the hair! I don’t know if I would be daring enough to try the high sneakers but you definitely rock them!

    Adoro gli occhiali ei capelli! Non so se sarei abbastanza audaci tot ry le alte scarpe da ginnastica, ma è sicuramente loro rock!


    Reply to Kate
  • Ohhh I hope you are enjoying NYFW this year!! Your hair looks rad, omg! The neon pop is so cute. And that ombre blow up thing behind you is a really good looking background, perfect for the occasion! In my humble opinion, the sneaks are doing way too much… this look is not the most flattering.

    Looking forward to what else you capture at NYFW.

    xo, Krist | peachesbeachesandurbanistas.com

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    Aiutiamo sta ragazza a scegliere un paio di scarpe decenti!!!!

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    Love your hair!!! So pretty 🙂

    Reply to Melissa

    where is this basic white tshirt from? thx

    Reply to saebs
  • Loving the hair, sunglasses and shoes combo! It has been truly amazing to see your blog grow throughout the years, love always! xx


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    Congratulations on Style Blogger of the year. You earned and nice to see someone I voted for won.

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  • Wow! This color blocking is refreshing. Definitely a huge risk but you managed to pull it off so well. It might be the fact that you were just having so much fun with it. You look fantastic Chiara. Just beautiful!

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

    Reply to Igee Okafor

    You really are the ultimate fashion victim! Tose sneakers are hideous! It amways makes me laugh how the fashion crowd will go nuts over something truly awful, but since it’s designer… You would never, in a million years, wear those shoes if they were made by Sketchers. I really miss the days when your idea of a fashionable outfit consisted of a Hermès belt and Gucci riding boots. You are so far up there now, you can’t even see the ground anymore.

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  • You’re wearing a chain necklace in the second photo but Chanel candy necklaces in the others? i’m confused!

    Reply to Monica

    I miss those fashion week videos that you used to make!!!

    Reply to Joana
  • Great look! Is Redken color rebel available to buy anywhere online? Looks divine!


    Reply to Desiree'

    I absolutely love all of the color! The hot pinkish-red really suits you 🙂 It’s the perfect amount of color for your hair. And those sneaker/boots…drool. I love them. I’m in love with them. They must have been perfect for running around the city all week as well 🙂

    The What’s In Between

    Reply to zoe

    I’ve been following your NYFW outfits on Instagram and I’m sorry to say but this was my least favorite. Just too much going on. Not a fan of the bright red extensions with the red metallic glasses or the crazy sneakers, The Chanel accessories seem lost with all the other distractions (are you really supposed to keep the bag in the packaging? I thought that was just a gimmick from the show?) And cutoff jean shorts seem awfully casual for a fashion show, almost disrespectful to the designer. But hey, you’re young, slim and pretty–now is the time to have fun with some hits…and some misses.

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  • Chiara,io penso che tu sia fantastica, fuori dalle righe, non convenzionale ma qui chiaramente hai un problema di scarpe…Non me ne volere,credo tu sia la migliore ma queste proprio non si possono guardare!


    Reply to Deborah

    Gosh, Chiara, you’re so beautiful. I love your hair in this post. And your sungglases 🙂

    Reply to Desi

    Love this fun outfit! It is very different to your usual style but it looks great on you anyway.


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