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A while ago I wanted to make my workout program more complete and challenging, so I starting using the N+TC appNike’s Free 5TR support me in every exercise I do and their colorful patterns shine even my most bluest day and make me train with joy 🙂
It’s easy to be faithful to a workout program and after my practice I love walking… and in Paris you can’t not walk!!

Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.33.38Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.34.37Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.32.34 Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.34.26 Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.34.15 Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.34.03 Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.33.53Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.32.56 Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.33.46 Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.33.25 Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.33.14 Schermata 02-2457077 alle 17.32.24I was wearing:

Training Look:
Nike Woven Bliss pants
Nike Pro Fierce Bra
Nike Elastika tank top 2.0
FREE TR5 print sneakers

Sportswear Look:
Nike Tech Aeroshield moto Cape
Nike Signal tank
Nike Bombed Woven pants
Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire sneakers

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Photo by Cyril Masson

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    Just shows that you can be athletic and active wherever you are! Love the picture next to big blue Parisian doors 🙂
    Check more photos from Paris on

    Reply to Dasha

    That could be awesome if you make a NTC+ training! Nike, if you read this…

    Reply to Anne

    This post inspired me to want to get my butt up and work out like I’ve been trying to do for the last hmmm…4-5 years!! Thanks girl!

    Reply to Q
  • You make working out look fun and easy! A feat few women have accomplished 😉

    For fashion from NYC, check out:


    Reply to Stephanie
  • I almost bought that nike top the other day… this had completely convinced me I need to go back and get it!!

    Reply to Charlotte
  • These types of posts remind me how much I need to get back to it.

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Twitter: @stylishlyinlove

    Reply to Sofia

    One can’t help noticing how thin you are! Darling, don’t avoid fats, for your body consists of them and needs them. And you will feel happier!

    Reply to valentin antonov
  • You look amazing in those pictures. Really like the sport outfit. 🙂 xoxo Vanessa

    Reply to Vanessa

    Inspiring- I need to workout and I’d like to look this cool whilst doing so!

    Reply to Zaena

    Great photos and love those sneakers!

    Reply to melissa

    Ah I NEED to start working out more! Thanks for the inspiration.. My wedding is in 2 months so time to get going! Love your outfits too

    Kim .. All about Adsense?’

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