TEM_1998It’s the third day of Haute Couture in Paris and Chiara is ready to attend Chanel’s show in total look Chanel.

TEM_1963 TEM_1970 TEM_2021 TEM_2037 TEM_2044 TEM_2058 TEM_2076 TEM_2097 TEM_2104 TEM_2116 TEM_2329 TEM_2391PARIS, July 2016

Total look Chanel
Hair and makeup by Meghan Nguy
Photos by Timur Emek

19 Responses to “Parisian Bon Ton”

  • Couldn’t be more perfect for the Chanel show! True Chanel elegance and glamour.

    Reply to Meira
  • This screams Chanel!

    Visit me!

    Reply to Lovey
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