Hey guys Chiara has something to tell written on her Vetements maxi t-shirt and what about the shoes? Yeezy of course. This was her sixth look of this NYFW, what do you think?

Photos by Timur Emek

Hair and makeup by Meghan Nguy

10 Responses to “Something about you: sixth look of NYFW”

    Im surprised Chiara would wear this. Its definitely a bold move but I dont think she can pull this off.

    Reply to Meghan

    Trying so hard to be controversial, but just looks low class.

    Reply to Sandiocd
  • I definitely love the boots and the overall silhouette, but I don’t think I would dare to wear this t-shirt in public, lol.


    Reply to Yulia

    Don’t know what to think about this outfit, but it’s def. thought provoking one and couldn’t imagine you wearing it anywhere else but on the Fashion week.


    Reply to Natali
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