Since I moved to Los Angeles I experimented even more on my skin the importance of the moments spent with your family: there are so many times in which I miss my mum, dad and my two beautiful sisters like crazy and I’m at the other side of the world.
The five days we spent together in Sardinia were a real dream, and these photos, shot on the last night there, truly represent the unconditional love I feel for the women of my life.

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Photos by Andrew Arthur

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    You all look so happy together!
    What is LUCE? Is the C in Luce for Chiara?

    Reply to Kim

    You ladies are very pretty!!
    Family is so important and being away from them makes you realise how much you love them! But it’s a good thing that you’re so close with them!!
    Your family is beautiful!
    Nat xx madamenatali.wordpress.com

    Reply to Natalí
  • This a really nice and inspiring Post! You are a very strong woman and I can imagine that its not always easy to do this special and wonderful job but missing your family so much! You are such 4 wonderful women!


    Reply to Anika
  • Family always comes down to being the most important in a person’s life. You women are stunning, and I am so glad that you enjoyed your time together!



    Reply to Julia
  • Such cute beautiful pictures, you guys are a beautiful group of girls, and a beautiful family! I too, know exactly what you mean living in London whilst my family is in Costa Rica! These moments become so much more special!!



    Reply to Whit
  • quanto è stato bello stare insieme a te, Francy, Vale…un sogno… quanto mi mancate..
    stunning pics, Andrew! I loved the time passed with you and the girls <3

    Reply to marina Di Guardo
  • BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!! You have a really beautiful family!!

    Rachel x

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  • So so beautiful photos, love it ❤︎ You’re so beautiful, Chiara (:

    xoxo Ally

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  • These pictures are so nice, you’re such a beautiful family! I also moved in another country and I miss my family so much…

    Reply to Léonor
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