Ready for my month around the world: I’m leaving today and I’ll be for work in Brazil, Los Angeles and New York before leaving for my holidays in Vietnam and I can’t wait to discover such a different place from what I’m used to.
Here is one of the last looks I shot in Milan before leaving, all played on a vintage mood in which Ki6? Who are you? nude jumpsuit shines on. What do you think about it?

Pronta per il mio mese in giro per il mondo: parto oggi ed andrò per lavoro in Brasile, Los Angeles e New York prima di partire per la mia vacanza in Vietnam ad Agosto e non vedo letteralmente l’ora di scoprire un luogo cosi diverso dal solito.
Ecco uno degli ultimi look indossati a Milano prima della mia partenza, tutto giocato su un mood vintage in cui la protagonista indiscussa è la tuta di ki6? Who are you? nude. Che ne pensate?


Photos by Andrew Arthur and Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

I was wearing:


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    There cannot be a doubt that Andrew Arthur does have an awesome style to his work.

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    I am ur fan and so glad to hear u are coming to Vietnam!

    Reply to anh

    Wow I hope you will enjoy your holidays in Vietnam, the country I’m come from. I personnally never been in Vietnam since my adoption by my French parents when I was a baby but I know it is an amazing land ! 🙂 I’m really looking forward for your photos from this gorgeous land ! 😀
    Enjoy your travels 🙂

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  • I adore this outfit! 🙂

    Also, you will LOVE Brasil, it is my most favorite place!


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  • bellissima da invidia, ed adoro il braccialetto con occhio di horus, io ho preso una collana sul sito sopra stilerosa.it

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    Vietnam? Really? Omg, welcom to my country. When will u come? Don’t forget Hanoi. It’s a beautiful, hospitality and spicy capital

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    magari metti soloun reggiseno push up!

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  • I love this look, the minute I saw it, it just screamed chanel at me!! And the hat is amazing, I’ve always had a slight obsession with floppy hats and it just completes everything so perfectly!!

    If you get the chance I’d love if you could come visit my blog http://www.helpcompletemylook.com

    Jess xx

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    welcome to Vietnam! Hope you’ll enjoy!!

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    Everything is great except that illuminati jewellery which you have benn wearing lately.What is it for?

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    outfit davvero bello, ma cara chiara.. cercadi mangiare un pò di più

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  • in fact ,vintage is not my favorite ,but you look great!!!

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  • This has to be one of my favourite posts from you, ever! Honestly, you should dress the old times Hollywood character more often, it suits you just perfect!
    That jumpsuit is so very feminine and the way you styled it made it powerful and, in a way, “grown up”!

    My Own Project

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  • per quanto io adori le tute, questa non mi fa particolarmente impazzire…
    il mood però è decisamente azzeccato… con la cinturina vintage di Chanel poi…

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    Constance Victory

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    awesome vintage look!!! so damn gorgeous and amazingly stunning….the tailoring and fit of this jumpsuit is so perfect…an the colour looks amazing on you… i dont think there is anyother way to wear this outfit any better than this!!!! perfect accessories!!!


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    quando le donne capiranno che dimagrire troppo le rende solo rinsecchite, più vecchie e per niente sexy sarà troppo tardi….poi sempre con quell’espressione in viso…..non avrei mai pensato di poterlo dire di una ragazza come te, ma sei inguardabile. come rovinarsi proprio. sei sempre più vecchia e sempre più cozza.

    Reply to Max
  • Hi Chiara,

    I’m from Vietnam, and knowing that you’re coming makes my day! I’ve followed your blog for few years but haven’t got chance to travel to Italy yet.

    From my point of view, althought Vietnam is quite different from what you used to, like you stated but Vietnam and Italy still share the same culture somehow. (You may be amazed seeing great number of Piaggio Vespa and other Italian imported motorbike here) 🙂

    Hope you will enjoy great days in Vietnam.

    Hoai Trang.

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    chic e raffinata come sempre. peccato che non tutti possano vestirsi e avere lo stesso stile di vita…passate dal mio sito web!need u girls :*


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  • chic e raffinata come sempre. peccato che non tutti possano vestirsi e avere lo stesso stile di vita…passate dal mio sito web!need u girls :*

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  • I love this! The vintage feel is stunning and you look gorgeous in this outfit:)


    Reply to Emmzie
  • I think you’ve definitely styled this vintage jumpsuit well. Especially with the matching little vintage bag and the pumps.
    I’m sure you’ll love Vietnam. Definitely a cool hang out place with lots of authentic cafe that serves great coffee. It’s picturesque as well. Oh, and you’ll look even taller than you are in Vietnam as there are not many that are even close to your height.

    Reply to Diva In Me

    GREAT! You are absolutely best. Have a nice time!

    Reply to Ella

    wow, i love your outfit and the colors, you’re just so gorgeous!! omg, you should wear more of these vintage rose colors♥

    Reply to Isabell Windsor

    woooow thi is totally a different look! amaizing jumpsuite and belt and bag and hat! 😛
    everitihing is just perfect also the photos <3!


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  • I love the subtle color of the jumpsuit and you look great 🙂

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    amaizing pics!

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  • For once you’re trying different and I love it! You look brilliant in that jumpsuit.

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

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  • Stai benissimo, la cintura vintage è un sogno, il Vietnam deve essere favoloso, c’è stato un mio collega in vacanza anni fa ed era tornato entusiasta!

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  • Uno dei migliori look che tu abbia mai pubblicato! Ci piace. Buttati su questo stile Chiara! 😉

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  • This is perfect! I have always imagined wearing this outfit 🙂 The jumpsuit looks great and you absolutely look amazing! Have fun on your trips. I’m jealous! 🙂

    xx Megann, Style Surgery

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    è meravigliosa questa tuta e gli accessori che hai scelto sono tutti perfetti e penso che senza anche solo uno di essi, in particolare la cintura di chanel, non si sarebbe creata quell’ allure vintage che rende speciale questo outfit. uno dei miei post preferiti di sempre…

    sisters go bananas

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  • Chiara- glad to know you are gonna be in Vietnam. Where will you visit? I’m originally from Vietnam, so if I can be of any help in terms of where to go and where to visit, I would be more than happy to offer my opinions.

    Reply to Khoa
  • Amazing look! The hat and the shoes are perfect 🙂
    Visit our blog!

    Reply to Alter Ego

    So beautiful look!
    You re classic and chic!

    Reply to Helena

    la borsa è uguale alla borsa di mia nonna quando va in cimitero a portare fiori ai parenti defunti.
    va bene il vintage, sant’iddio, ma la cupezza no.

    Reply to michela

    love the look, the jumpsuit is amazing love the color with your gorgeous blonde locks and adore the heels
    xx ish

    Reply to ish
  • Indeed a vintage look but very unique too, love the accessorizing with the hat, belt and necklaces, it all really MAKES the outfit come to life, even if it were to be felt like vintage. It has new life. Btw, do take a look at my new outfit resort post from my trip to Los Angeles featuring leg-elongating wide legged trousers (if you’re into that sorta’ thang lol), let me provoke you away! 😉

    xx The Provoker

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  • You look AMAZING, the jumpsuit Is so Nice and how you combine it, really gorgeous.

    Greetings from Germany

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  • Since Andrew takes your pics, they are so so much better! Love them 🙂

    Reply to Becca

    Hey, you’re going to my country, Vietnam ^^. So glad! Which city you intend to come? I’m in Ho Chi Minh city 🙂

    Reply to Dong Nghi

    Great outlook, as always! Only one comment on your colour hair, I prefer you more blond !

    Reply to Evi
  • Well these are the looks that I missed on your blog. You look wonderful, you really do!!
    Love Imke


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  • You look gorgeous in this jumpsuit!! Are you going to have some holidays in Vietnam?? I’m a fan from Vietnam. Have you visited Ho Chi Minh City?? A interesting place to come, more our cuisine is various. I hope I will see you!! I feel so glad when know you going to Vietnam !!!

    Reply to starry nguyen
  • I adore all these photos. Sometimes, I think that your style has become a lot more casual but this changes my mind. Absolutely amazing outfit.


    Reply to Em KG

    Awesome look! Such an inspiration! Have a safe travels

    Reply to Nai
  • I absolutely love these photos! This look is just gorgeous – the jumpsuit, the wide brimmed hat…. adore. Xx

    K a t e C r o s s | Modette

    Reply to Kate

    Beautiful colour of Jumpsuit but what I love the most is Vintage Bag 🙂

    Reply to Eva

    It’s a very Biba look with the hat, oversized glasses, platforms, well, everything. It’s a tough color to wear but it looks good on you, I like the whole palette.

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