It’s the middle of the night at the TBS Headquarters. Every member of TBS crew is working really hard, because something big is up. All our cell phone screens light up at the same time: it’s Chiara. We start a crazy race against time into the night — we all have to be at her place ASAP. The countdown has started: a new era is going to begin. Finally we are all together. The bell rings: it’s time to open our doors to the future. Welcome to our world: #LiveTBS.

A new adventure is starting with this video: The Blonde Salad doesn’t just have a new layout and a new structure to make the user experience even easier, as well as more open to new content (by the way, if you have any suggestions about that, please let us know!): TBS is also becoming more and more of a platform to share inspiration and ideas with you, both virtually and in the real world. We are launching our e-store today: it will feature exclusive products in a limited edition, designed for you by luxury brands that we worked with, to offer you something unique and utterly special. You will also find editorials with Chiara at their center, but also featuring many other friends and women who inspire us. Yes, because #LiveTBS is not just here to give you the chance to buy our products, it will also be a way to discover our taste and our world! This is why we are also working on a special website section, entirely dedicated to one of our true passions: vintage fashion. We spent the last few months scouting markets everywhere to find the best, coolest clothes and accessories to make them available in our e-store. Are you ready to #ShopTheBlondeSalad?



Hair: by Pantene

Produced by: (h)films 

Directed & Edited: TOGUYS 

Cinematographer: Luca Costantini

Music & Sound Design: Matteo De Marinis

Producer: Anna Fonzi Cruciani & Silvia Fazio

Production Manager: Federico Calandra

25 Responses to “Welcome to our new world: #LiveTBS”

  • I am really happy for you and all your exciting things coming up! Great Video.

    It was great meeting you at the FENDI fashionshow in Rome and at the Bvlgari event in Paris.

    Much Love, XXX Tiffany Lea

    Reply to Tiffany Lea

    I love it!!!!! You inspire me to continue with my blog everyday. Regards from Panama

    Reply to shaury duffis

    Incredibile. L’avete fatto in modo straordinario, molto shic ed elegante. Grande successo! <3

    Reply to Agnese

    Fantastico. Mi piace troppo il nuovo look e anche lo shop. Finalmenteeeeeeeeee 😀

    Reply to Dani

    Greetings from Portugal !
    What you are doing is Just AMazing! I Just want to congratulate TBS Crew . Finally, something new in this industry !
    So so well done guys !

    Reply to Ana Francisca Coelho
  • Congratulations guys, like many others I’ve followed your work throughout the years and have really been inspired by you.

    To see all of you grow like you have is absolutely amazing. Your creativity& innovative ideas as entrepreneurs are fascinating.

    Keep evolving & trying new things.

    Best wishes,

    Reply to Ellen
  • Hola Chiara y TBS crew, me encanta la forma de innovar y reinventarse que tienen. Este nuevo espacio es muy interesante como lectora, blogger y emprendedora. Lo que más me gusta es que usen este medio para apoyar a pymes o pequeños emprendedores locales, (nosotros estamos en el desarrollo de una tienda online de creadores de mi país).
    Los felicito 🙂 siempre sorprenden y es inspirador para mí.
    Muchas felicidades!!!

    Reply to Damari Vergara

    Complimenti ragazzi! Questo è un grande passo e il duro lavoro sul sito SI VEDE! Certo, solo navigando si potrà vedere cosa mettere a punto (dove posso scrivervi per suggervi qualcosa?), ma vedere quello che nel lontano 2009 era nato come un diario di una universitaria trasformarsi in una simile realtà… be’, che soddisfazione! Ancora auguri e complimenti!

    Reply to B

    I Follow Chiara from the Beginn and i Love your work ! 👏

    Reply to Nellynessa
  • This is awesome! Congratulations!! This is what will bring people back to the origins of TBS

    Reply to Alena

    Wow! This is so amazing and im so excited for it! It was definitely worth the wait 😀

    Reply to Wanderlustric
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