Around 250 million kids in the world live in countries where every day is a challenge, be it for natural disasters, illnesses or social and political problems. Last year Unicef and Louis Vuitton launched Make a Promise, a fundraising campaign to help save the lives of many of these children. We were there to support the project from the start and this year we’re back to renew the promise: Cayetano Fabry and I invited everyone to celebrate Make a Promise Day at the Louis Vuitton Store in Rome last night (piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, 41), the whole TBS Crew came along too. It was a personal honour to support such an important partnership and project, I hope this will be the first step on a path with Unicef to back even more important causes that require everyone’s support.

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    Waowww… Nice.
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    Ci sono dei refusi. Ragazzi, rileggete con più attenzione! Un articolo così importante e così sciatto… Sarebbe stato più interessante leggere altre informazioni su Make a Promise, nonché avere una descrizione dettagliata della serata. Peccato! Potete fare di meglio!

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