Would you ever spend the whole day without drinking, depriving your body of the water it needs to function in the best way possible? Of course you wouldn’t! The same goes for your skin: it also needs the right amount of hydration to stay elastic and have a beautiful glow all day, every day.

Our skin draws its resources from what we put into our bodies — drinking a lot of water helps cellular regeneration, as do certain kinds of food. In the same way, the lack of certain nutrients can also influence your skin’s texture, especially in the city, where nutrition is just another issue, in addition to pollution and other outside factors attacking your skin. This is why your skin needs a bit of help from outside, and that essential help is your moisturizer. Applying it every day after washing your face is the first step of our beauty routine, the one we learn when we are very young, and that feels more and more important with age… So much so that we sometimes feel like bringing our cream with us to reapply it over and over again! Our best option, then, is to choose a product that can guarantee our skin appropriate levels of moisture for 24 hours, allowing it to “drink” for this entire time.

Valentina tested Estée Lauder’s DayWear for us, a moisturizer enriched with anti-oxidants and sunscreen which takes care of our skin for the whole day, even with only one application in the morning. So, what did she think? DayWear passed Valentina’s test with flying colors, especially in its MATTE version, which also helps absorbing excess oil, gifting us with perfect skin!

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    As you pointed out, drinking plenty of water and right nutrients are the first line of defence to keep your skin from dehydrating. In particular, supplements containing essential fatty acids (3, 6, 7 and 9) improves skin barrier function and reduces transepidermal water loss. Essential fatty acids must be obtained from your diet. They come from an outside source and are not manufactured by our body. When this is combined with skincare products suited for your skin type, your skin will readily retain moisture.


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