TBS Crew

TBS Crew is not only the publisher company of TheBlondeSalad.com founded by Chiara Ferragni and Riccardo Pozzoli, but it is its entire world and people around it.

TBS Crew is a bound family of young talents who are constantly working together everyday to make The Blonde Salad magic happen.

Different persona but connected people, able to create and experiment new communication ways thanks to a unique blend of passion, positive energy, creativity, family spirit and a touch of Italian madness.

the crew

average age: 28

Andrea Lorini
Andrea Lorini Ceo Chiara Ferragni Collection & ChiaraFerragni.com Profile
Angelo Tropea
Angelo Tropea PR & Marketing Manager Profile
Carolina Cerutti
Carolina Cerutti Fashion Editor Profile
Francesca Colombo
Francesca Colombo Accounting Coordinator Profile
Francesca Mapelli
Francesca Mapelli Advertising & Branded Solutions Manager Profile
Francesca Zaccagnini
Francesca Zaccagnini Editorial Manager Profile
Giorgia Volpi
Giorgia Volpi Accounting and Finance manager Profile
Giulia Angolini
Giulia Angolini Beauty Editor Profile
Gregorio Capineri Tosetti
Gregorio Capineri Tosetti Fashion Editor Profile
Laura Busetti
Laura Busetti Talent & Communication Manager Profile
Martina Maccherone
Martina Maccherone Creative and Corporate Coordinator Profile
Menghan Wang
Menghan Wang E-Commerce Manager Profile
Riccardo Pozzoli
Riccardo Pozzoli Co-founder & CEO Profile
Romy Blanga
Romy Blanga Brand Manager of Chiara Ferragni Collection Profile
Vera Alvigini
Vera Alvigini Executive Coordinator Chiara Ferragni Collection Profile
Vincenzo Malinconico
Vincenzo Malinconico Lifestyle Editor Profile
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