First Uganda videos

Before publishing the complete video about my Uganda experience I really wanted to share with you these videos of the same dance in two different moments: in front of Kabuyanda Innovation Centre and at Nyakitunda school.

Prima di pubblicare il video completo della mia esperienza in Uganda ci tenevo a condividere con voi questi video della stessa danza in due momenti diversi: di fronte all’Innovation Centre di Kabuyanda e nella scuola di Nyakitunda.

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Uganda diary: day 4


And here are the last photos of my trip to Uganda last week: we spent Friday and Saturday between the trip to Kampala, some hours in the city and then on the planes back home. These are shots from Thursday, last day spent in the fields in Ruhira with the locals.
As first activity of the day we went from house to house with local doctors and nurses to look after some kids with malaria symptoms (that luckily were not infected) and to look after some pregnant women to make them prepared for the big day. Until a couple of years ago most of women were used to give birth at home without the help of a nurse, while now most of Ruhira women have the chance to be followed by doctors during the birth and during the pregnancy.
We then were brought again to Nyakitunda school, where we visited the new buildings of the school, entirely created thanks to Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation, and where we attended a singing and dancing performance by the students: a real show.
The last place we visited was another Kabuyanda Health Centre, specialized in eye defects prevention, thanks to a direct support of Safilo and Tommy Hilfiger.
My stories about this unforgettable week are now over, but my support towards Millennium Promise is not finished.
The situation will not drastically change thanks to my posts, photos or words about Ruhira, but If only 1% of my followers decided to make a direct donation here now Millennium Promise would have collected thousands of euros for this project.
If only 1% of my readers would have shared Millennium Promise project, now thousands of other people could get to know this organization.
If only 1% of the brand which follow my blog decided to support Millennium Promise like Tommy Hilfiger did and still does, now Ruhira population would have some more help.
If only 1% of you could get some feelings looking at these posts and reading what I wrote, I could be even more excited about this experience.
Thanks to Tommy Hilfiger, Millennium Promise staff and to all the lovely people we met in these days for giving me the chance to understand that we can all do more, to make a difference together.

Ed ecco le ultime foto del mio viaggio in Uganda di settimana scorsa: le giornate di venerdi e sabato le abbiamo passate in parte in viaggio verso Kampala, in parte a Kampala ed in parte in aereo tornando a casa. Questi invece sono scatti di giovedi, ultimo giorno passato sul campo a Ruhira, insieme alla popolazione locale.

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Instagram from Uganda


Shopping from Uganda: most of them are charity items handamde by Ruhira women

Before the last stories about my experience in Uganda here are some photos I shared during these days on Instagram (@Chiaraferragni)

Prima di finire di raccontarvi la mia esperienza in Uganda ecco alcune foto che in questi giorni ho condiviso su Instagram (@Chiaraferragni)

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Uganda diary: day 3


Our third day in Uganda was the one which gave me the strongest feelings and which gave me the chance to really be in contact with Ruhira’s population. It all started with the first activity of the day: the bednet distribution to contrast malaria, a desease which is spread all over the country. We then were divided into different groups and helped to distribute the bednet packages to the families, in proportion to the beds in each house. We then were brought to two different houses to help building the bednets and give a direct support.
After the lunch we had in the nature we were hosted at Nyakitunda primary school, where, after attending the local dances, we were called to give our contribute to make the students understand how much education is an important feature. Each of us spoke about our personal experience, and we tried to make Millennium Promise message even more authentic: attending school makes us have more chances for the future.
During the morning we were told we would have had the chance to play at a soccer game, but I would have never thought to find myself playing with Ruhira girls, with an audience of more than 300 people and a cow as “special player” of the game.
We were welcomed by dancing kids and guys, who were so shy at the beginning. I took part in the girl soccer game with some bloggers and Tommy Hilfiger staff, playing with Ruhira team.
Just after that the man soccer game started, with definitely more professional players.
While I was watching the game I sat on the floor with Ruhira girls that began to stay more close to us until they asked to shoot some photos together. One of the things which was making them smile and then laugh was looking at the photos in which we were shot together. When my hair was combed everybody also was very impressed by the bow tattoo I have on the neck, especially kids :)
With mal d’Afrique which keeps on going on I leave you with these colourful photos of our third day in Uganda, reminding you that you can share Millennium Promise news and make a direct donation through this link. Help is needed from anyone of us.

Il nostro terzo giorno in Uganda è quello che mi ha trasmesso emozioni più estreme e quello che mi ha dato la possibilità di trovarmi davvero a contatto con la popolazione di Ruhira. Tutto è iniziato con la prima attività del giorno: la distribuzione delle reti zanzariere da tenere sopra al letto per contrastare la malaria, molto diffusa nella popolazione locale.

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