After the summer, it’s time to prepare our skin for the fall! The first cold days, temperature swings and our office routine are the worst enemies for our skin, that seems stressed, pale, dehydrated… and for all these reasons, ready to welcome new wrinkles! Don’t panic: we’re still on time to prevent them! You only have to choose the right anti-ageing products. We’re telling you our top three to get you through the fall with a fresh and radiant skin!


The anti-stress face oil

Lately, face oils became part of the beauty routine of many women. They can be applied on the skin after the makeup remover, to get rid of all the impurities, but also combined with the face cream, to boost its hydrating skills. In this time of the year, our skin needs some extra-freshness and brightness. Our tip? Try an anti-stress face oil, like Tromborg‘s one. It works wonders both for sensitive and oily skin and it has an anti-ageing effect as it reduces fine lines and pigmental flaws. Thanks to essential oils like lavender and vanilla, it brings a feeling of well-being, tranquillity and balance.

The face cream: day and night

Never confuse night and day, especially if we’re talking about beauty products! Day creams’ duty, in fact, is to protect the skin from sun rays, pollution, blue light and all the external aggressors, while night creams renovate it during sleep with their formulas rich of actives. That’s why it’s so important to use them in a combo! Darphin Ideal Resource Smoothing Retexturing Radiance Cream and Ideal Resource Light Re-birth Overnight Cream work together: the first improves skin texture, revive complexion luminosity and smooth away lines, while the second helps restore the natural collagen of skin while re-activating natural cell renewal, for a natural radiant effect.

The anti-ageing serum

Night restores the natural blood microcirculation, giving a healing and refreshing effect to the whole skin. it’s easy to boost it: we only need to use a renewal serum with a rich texture, that can assure a radiant glow to the skin in the morning. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair guarantees a healthier, fresher and more rested skin in just 4 weeks. ChronoluxCB™ technology maximizes the power of skin’s natural nighttime renewal, reducing the look of key signs of aging such as wrinkles and spots.

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