Smog and pollution are the number one enemies for our skin. In these latest weeks without rain, the bad air quality has the most negative impact on our skin’s health. Luckily, cosmetics are our most important allies in this battle and we’ve plenty of products what we can choose for our beauty routine, in order to obtain both barrier and detox effects.

Choose a barrier-effect face cream: face cream is the number one product to protect our skin from external aggressors. Every morning, after cleansing, try on a barrier-effect face cream. Collistar Hydro-Protective cream guarantees an anti UV-A and UV-B protection effective all day long thanks to SPF 20, a specific anti-pollution action against smog, smoke and fine dusts and radiance to the face.

Raise your defenses with anti-pollution spray: if you’re going to spend a lot of time outside, surrounded by exhaust fumes, dust, pollen and fine particles, you’ll better raise your defense with a spray. Chanel D-pollution Essentiel is a daily protection mist that you can spray every morning on your make-up and that will protect you from environmental stressors. If necessary, you can spray it every time you feel you skin thirsty: it will give you instant protection, hydration and it will reveal skin’s natural healthy glow.

Purify your skin with a detox mask: at night, after cleansing, take some time for a detox treatment, in order to remove all the impurities. If you just have one minute before your night out, but you need some detox help, then you can try Nivea 1 minute Urban detox mask: with white clay and active magnolia extract, it exfoliates dead skin cells and deep-cleanse your skin.


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