Eyeliner is undoubtedly the hottest make up trend for spring-summer 2018. Why are we so sure about it? Because it dominated the latest catwalk shows, showing us some beautiful cat-eyes, Fifties inspired make up and hard rock atmosphere. Everybody loves it, but many also hate it because it’s so hard to realize. Since eyeliner would be the coolest product for you make up, you’ll better practice to become a pro!

Is it for everyone?: eyeliner enhance our gaze, that’s why it’s perfect for girls with small eyes, while make up artists usually prefer not to suggest it for someone with big and protruding eyes. But there aren’t rules that can’t be broken. If you want to find your perfect eyeliner trait, let’s practice again again.

So hard to apply: yes, eyeliner is not so easy as mua pretend to make us believe. You need precision and a steady hand, in order to avoid that horrible flickering effect. Some tips? You can design a line with your favourite eye pencil, using it as a base for you brush, instead you can design some dots and conncet them. You can also line the first half of your eyelind, starting from the inner corner, and then the second from the outer one.


Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs

There are so many: once upon a time, we were excluded by “the cat-eye sisterhood” if we weren’t skilled with eyeliners. Thank God, now there are so many different kinds of eyeliner, and some are very goof proof! Classic liquid eyeliners is perfect for super elegant looks, while pencil and crayons are suggested for hyper-graphic and bold styles. What about gel? We suggest it if you need a long lasting make up, thanks to its dry formula.

Next season trends: graphics and bold make up looks are the hottest trend, as we saw on Fendi and Versus Versace’s catwalks. Retro make up styles à la Dolce & Gabbana are super cool, while you can rely on Tom Ford beauty looks if you’re searching for a perfect/imperfect style.

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