The coolest makeup for spring 2018? The answer is: natural makeup! It’s been a few season “no makeup-makeup”  has become makeup artists’ fave style, not only on the runways but also on the red carpets. At the Oscars, we’ve seen so many celebrities with natural makeup looks, especially two actresses like Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan, who were in the shortlist for best acress in a leading role. Which are the secrets for a perfect nude look? Keep on reading and we’ll find out together!


Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie


A perfect base: we need a perfect skin for the best natural makeup look. Our first ally is a beauty routine that can help us to have a flawless skin, that’s why we should choose skincare products that can cover enlarged pores, redness, spots and all the tiny “flaws” that usually required a more definite makeup. Luckily, foundation helps us: for a nude look, you’ll better choose liquid and light products.


Let’s conceal our flaws: skincare helps, but it doesn’t make miracles. Concealer, instead, does! We’re obviously joking, but it’s true that concealers can cover all our imperfections. So we’ll better choose the right concealer for every single flaw: orange for undereye circles, green for redness, dry for pimples, glowing to light up your gaze.


“Nude” eyes: for a natural makeup, we should play with our skin shades, pretending we’re not using any eyeshadows. Nude ones lately have been the real MVP and we’ve plenty of choices. Our suggestion? Focus on shading, using both matte and shimmering eyeshadows.



Yes to mascara, but choose it brown: will you give up your mascara to look the most natural ever? No? Neither do we! If black mascara can make our gaze a bit artificial, brown one is for sure the right product for a no makeup-makeup. Choose a volumising mascara, in order to add some definition to eyelashes, but don’t apply it more than two times.


Natural lips: do you know which is the best colour for your lips? Yours!For the ultimate natural makeu look we need to enhance this shade, like the famous MLBB lipstick trend (My Lips But Better) taught aso a few seasons ago. Let’s choose nude and matte lipsticks, pretending we’re not using any product on our lips!






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