When we pack our hand luggage for a flight, we really shouldn’t miss the best products for our skin. Next to makeup and accessories, we have to find some space for some plane-proofing skincare products that can make our travel easier.



Many hours on a plane, between cabin pressure and re-cycled air, can damage and dehydrate our skin. How can we avoid all the negative effects that a travel on a plane can make to our face? With 3 awesome products that are perfect to carry on the aircraft.



A facial mist: it’s not easy to deal with cabin pressure and a lack of oxygen… that’s why our face can easily become very dry when we are on a plane. A thermal facial mist is the perfect remedy to give an immediate sense of hydration to our skin. Evian Brumizzateur Facial Spray‘s  mist delivers an unparalleled boost of natural hydration without using any harsh chemicals. You can put the travel size in your beauty case , while for your everyday beauty routine you can’t miss the exclusive limited edition by Chiara Ferragni Collection!


An hydrating cream: when we travel, it’s extremely important not to forget our beauty routine. Especially on the aircraft, where air is very dry, we have to give to our face skin the best hydration ever. That’s why you should take with you a very rich hydrating cream, better if it’s specific for dry skin. Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème, that has a 50 g format that is perfect for flights, gives a 40% hydration boost to our skin after 4 hours: the best for intercontinental flights!



An eye mask: when we fly for many hours, it’s so difficult to sleep well. Our eyes show the most negative effects, with blu circles and puffiness. That’s why is so important to hydrate our eye contour with a specific mask. Sephora eye masks give an moisturizing and soothing effect to our gaze, plus it’s so easy to carry them inside our purse!



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