Let’s be honest: we can probably leave the house without foundation, but none of us could leave without perfume. Fragrances are like our second skin, and our choices say something about us. It might occasionally happen that we leave without any perfume on, or perhaps that the scent disappears after just a few hours. This is why it’s a good idea to always have some perfume in your handbag: here is exactly why, with three different reasons.

1. Ever had an unplanned date, and found yourself without any makeup, and any perfume? This is the number one reason why you should always have some fragrance — and some lipstick! — with you: you’ll be perfect with just two small moves.

2. A small bottle of perfume is as big as a marker: it takes no space in your bag, it will even fit in a clutch bag. You can always have one with you, and use it anytime.

3. You can own more than one fragrance without spending a fortune: you will pay a lot less for a much smaller bottle!

And now, don’t miss the gallery… And pick your favorite fragrance!

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