Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Whoever that is, their beauty routine must include apples: the most controversial fruit in the history of fairy tales is a must-have in the list of ingredients of so many products we’d love to try – and they smell so good!

fragranceApple scents are typical of summer perfumes, body washes, and other yummy products! It is, traditionally, a scent for the gourmands, but it’s also fresh and delicate and suits fruity perfumes aficionados to perfection. Out of the many types of apples used in perfumes, green apples are undoubtedly the most popular.


skincareApples symbolize eternal youth, and no surprise – they are an excellent complement to skincare routines: they are a key ingredient to slow down aging, thanks to their revitalizing qualities and their ability to tone up and moisturize. Fruit acids contained in apples also make them particularly appropriate as an ingredient in masks and mild peeling products, which will leave your skin soft and silky!

makeupThere’s a reason why the area of your face where you wear blush is called “the apples of the cheeks” – when you smile, your cheek looks like a lovely apple. So it makes perfect sense for blushes to have turned as red as the reddest apples in the past few years, so that you can wear that same pretty shade. Are you ready to be the fairest of them all?

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