Karl Bradl and Robert Gerstner are the founders of olfactory art gallery Aedes De Venustas, an amazing place they first opened in the late 1990s, where you can find the rarest fragrances from all over the world. Karl loves perfumes and flowers, and particularly loves wild roses and rare peonies. Robert has always been a fan of skincare.


Aedes De Venustas started its life as a line of fragrances in 2012, named after the shop where it gets sold. The fragrances are elaborated in collaboration with renowned perfumers like Fabrice Pellegrin, Ralf Schwieger, Bertrand Duchaufour, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Nathalie Feisthauer and Alberto Morillas, and they carry the creative, futuristic essence of these amazing noses within them.


Their inspiration comes straight from nature, and from plants, working as wonderful muses: botanical works of art and natural landscapes that look like the stuff of dreams. The fragrances are highly seductive, sometimes fresh, sometimes sweet, and occasionally, you will even manage to tell what’s in a fragrance… And you will be transported into another dimension, living a marvellous experience.

tbs-cuorePelargonium is not just a simple essence: it’s a hurricane of sensations and fantastic olfactory notes. How can you not love it??

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