Geza Schoen is said to be a rebel in the world of fragrances, but transgression was exactly what allowed him to create something unique. From Germany to Paris and London, and then back to his country, in Berlin, this perfumer kept on experimenting, until he found the perfect formula to highlight the skin’s fragrance.


His line, Escentric Molecules, was born out of a lab-created aromatic molecule that does not exist in nature, Iso E Super®. In addition to this, Schoen uses other molecules that are already known, such as Ambroxan, Vetiveryl acetate and Javanol. These molecules are fundamental for each fragrance; each can be central to each perfume individually, or can also be associated to other molecules, to create a more elaborate bouquet. Each creation has a double soul, that gets named Escentric 01, 01, 03 or 04, when in a composition as an aromatic formula, and Molecule when it is solely made of the pure molecules in isolation: 01 for pure Iso E Super, 02 with Ambroxan, 03 with Vetyveril acetate and 04 with Javanol.


These are fresh formulas, with a single molecule that will exalt the skin’s natural fragrance when it touches it. Four pairs: a unique one to start with, a sensual second one, a third exotic one, and a fourth, with an elegant, psychedelic character. Perfumes that aren’t really perfumes, that can be worn by men and women equally; molecule – essences that can be smelled intermittently by those who wear them, without being invasive, yet leaving a mark.


The fact that this line is entirely unconventional. We really love that it enhances the individuality and purity of essence. It’s unusual in the way it exalts the encounter between art and science, between nature and chemistry, in an original and mysterious mix, as the world of fragrances always does — and we let these iconic, charming fragrances totally enchant us.

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