Erika Shumate and Christine Luby, two friends who share their love for improvisation, fractal geometry – don’t ask, here is the Wikipedia page, but we didn’t really catch that much of it – and the 1996 Chicago Bulls team. Erika is an olfactory psychology expert, while Christine is an excellent nose. They decided to team up to revolutionize the world of perfumery, with an ambitious and innovative project.


Pinrose is a perfume line unlike any other, even if there are some of the most famous noses in the world behind it – including some of the ones who worked with Jo Malone and Tom Ford, for instance. The company’s aim is to create interesting, high-quality fragrances that can complement the wearer’s bubbly, multi-faceted personality. Pinrose uses synesthesia to achieve this: synesthesia is a system of association between concepts that is presented as a test – you can take the test here – that can help anyone discover their personal assortment of fragrances, to then proceed to deal with notes, accords, and bouquets. Perfume is not just about your nose, after all!


In a century-old industry like perfumerie, you don’t come across innovative, passionate projects every day. Their fragrance test is quick and fun, and it was taken by about 100,000 people! Every single aspect of this product line is curated in detail, making the moment you apply your perfume into a pleasant daily ritual. The ingredients used in the formulas are all sustainable, and no Pinrose product contains phtalates, parabens or gluten: wow!


The name of each fragrance is like a little world of its own, and all Pinrose perfumes can be combined with one another, in a fun game of layering. Pinrose’s genius idea was the creation of petal packs, single-use bags that are perfect for trips, festivals and other adventures. Have a look at the gallery to discover our (very) exhaustive list of favorites.

All images from Pinrose‘s Instagram account.

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