News from the world of perfumery: Britney Spears is about to launch her new fragrance! Fantasy Britney Spears: Intimate Edition is the name of her 18th perfume, available from July in all Kohl’s stores. Yes, you read that right, the American singer has 18 fragrances under her belt (her perfume Curious, launched in 2004, is still a best seller till this day with over 500 million bottles sold around the world). Speaking of sales, according to statistics, Beyoncè leads the best selling perfume line (comprising 8 fragrances), even though Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds launched in 1991 holds the absolute record as the celebrity’s best selling fragrance. It is clear that the Beauty business is particularly loved by international stars. In the gallery you’ll discover the most successful perfumes and the celebrities that launched them.

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    The best celebrity perfumes are the Britney ones, all other are cheap

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        Britney’s perfume is suck… Best selling because of her fans. I tried it before but the smell is very cheap and very common. Ew

        Reply to Madge

    I remember Britney’s Fantasy from awhile back… I never had it but a lot of my girlfriends sure did! So funny to see all of these put together.

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    Lady Gaga’s “Fame” is my favourite. It’s really nice 😉

    Reply to Izabela

    Our Moment by One Direction is my favourite fragrance, you should try it !

    Reply to Sofia
  • I’ve never been to much in celebrities’perfumes but I did had Deseo by J.Lo that I bought in Barcelona and it had been my travel souvenir reminding me of fun time in Barcelona for a long time after I left Spain. 😉
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