V-Monkeys is a creative team of a brother and sister, who prefer to keep their identity secret, but who are happy to define themselves as proudly Made In Italy. Born in Milan, they grew up surrounded by the world of cosmetics and fragrances, and they are now working on creating fragrances for important fashion brands. They both studied the piano for 9 years, and they love photography. Perfume and music run in their blood, to the point of having become their obsession!

Jusbox is a line of fragrances that unifies these two elements. Music icons emerging from their social, historical, cultural and artistic context are inspiration for this collection, giving a voice to messages, emotions and trends of their time.

According to V-Monkeys, perfumers and musicians are like the two inseparable faces of the same mirror. A musician’s hand doodles on paper, creating lines with a pencil, tracing words that will become notes, whose harmony will be judged by the musician’s ears, trying to reach perfection. A perfumer’s hand uses vials, also filled with notes, creating magic with pipettes, his nose judging smells, adding and subtracting, to create memories. Playing with those notes, musicians and perfumers are composing a harmony – in this case, four of them, in four different musical styles!

The philosophy this line is built around is what really makes it irresistible, making it very hard to pick one of the four fragrances… Especially if you love all of the artists that inspired the four fragrances! These perfumes are just perfect, in every little way, for the music lovers in your life.

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