“Cherry” is a term that keeps coming back like a refrain in the beauty world: we always hear about it, and it has been a part of the beauty dictionary since the 1920s, especially associated to lip color. That was when cherry-mania started, and that was also when a lot of red lipsticks became cherry-scented. In the 1930s, this shade moved from our lips to our nails, thanks to one of the best-loved, best-selling products of all time: Revlon’s Cherries in The Snow. Since then, cherries constantly acted as inspiration, their color and their scent like muses, giving a touch of red to the beauty routine of millions of women.

fragranceCherry has always been a much-loved fruit note in perfumery, and it characterizes a lot of best-selling fragrances. It is quite rare for this scent to come from the essence of the fruit, though: what you can smell in your bottle is usually just a well-crafted imitation of the scent of cherries, courtesy of professional perfumers. Very often, this scent is matched with that of cherry blossoms, to create an amazing match of fruit and flowery notes that work perfectly for ultra-feminine fragrances.

makeupCherry lipstick is a must-have, we challenge anyone to say to the contrary. It’s a shade that works well on everyone, all you have to do is pick the right texture: liquid lipstick, gloss, lip stain, lip balms… It’s up to you! If you want to try a monochrome look, you can use a touch of lipstick – and we mean a very thin layer of color – on your cheeks and on eyelids. This original trick will help you get ready in a matter of minutes.

skincareIt has not yet been scientifically proven that cherries can produce any significant change in your skin care, even though you will find cherries in the list of ingredients of a lot of products. It’s usually thanks to their scent that manufacturers decide to include cherries, and all we can do is be happy about that. Asian brands are starting to make use of cherries in masks, too, and who knows, it might be the start of a new trend… In that case, don’t forget that we were the first to tell you about it! 😉

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