Composit - Base - FioriThere are two types of women in the world: those who have managed (or almost) to find the perfume of their life on their first try, and those who spend their free time playing with testers in the perfume shop, looking for love at first sight. If you are part of this second category, we have advice for you: venture into the wonderful world of exclusive perfumes. Élite fragrances are their own, complex, world apart, made of perfume notes that can take you on a journey without moving a single muscle.

Choosing an exclusive fragrance can also often offer you another small advantage: uniqueness. Spending (a few hundred) euro or dollars more is worth it, if being the only person in your social circle wearing a certain fragrance is vital to you. We know a lot of women wish for this, after all… 😉

We selected some of our current favorite exclusive fragrances, we absolutely recommend you try them out. Find them all in our gallery, with information on their main scent notes, for a little help you with your choice. Happy shopping!

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