If you go to a perfume store, and ask the salesperson for help in finding a suitable fragrance for summer, it is very likely that you will be shown a perfume which contains neroli as one of its main notes. What hides behind this rather mysterious name is actually rather simple, and that is, the flowers of bitter oranges. This note is obtained from the fresh flowers, using steam extraction: this very delicate method is called enfleurage, and it also often used to extract the fragrant compounds of jasmine (remember the sequence in Perfume, Story of a Murderer? That is exactly how it works). When turned into an essential oil, neroli becomes sweet and honeyed, with a metallic, spicier side to it. Neroli is also used in aromatherapy, it is said to be helpful against stress, and to be excellent in bringing you joy and tranquility, should you be going through a rough patch. If you want to experiment with neroli’s curative properties, try diluting 3 small drops of neroli essential oil into a spoonful of almond oil, and use it for a massage that can take care of muscular pain, menstrual cramps, and stomach pain. As an alternative, you can also apply it on your breastbone to ease stress, fears and emotional distress. It really seems to work wonders.


Neroli oil’s regenerating properties are also very much appreciated in natural cosmetology, as well as in perfumery: if neroli is used, on the one hand, as fragrance for creams, on the other hand, neroli oil is excellent for cellular regeneration. It is also helpful for sensitive, irritation-prone skin, it is very much advised for treating dry and extremely dry skin, as well as aging skin, and to help get rid of scars. It can be added to precious, honey-based face masks, too. Among other properties, essential neroli oil has mild calming, hypnotic properties, and it is also antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, it stimulates digestion and it purifies your skin, it stimulates your immune system, and it is also an aphrodisiac. It really is useful for pretty much anything! In our gallery, you will find our favorite products that contain this amazing ingredient, so you can have fun experimenting with some of the new, rigorously orange blossom-scented products.

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