There is this saying I particularly like in English: life’s a peach. If you think about it, it’s kinda true: like life, a peach is round and imperfect, it’s sweet, but slightly acidic, sometimes it’s smooth and sometimes it’s rough. But most of all, it is the summer fruit par excellence! With the arrival of the hot season, the world of beauty is preparing to celebrate the sweet deliciousness of peaches, using them as a key ingredient.


During ancient times in China, people used to believe that a branch of peach tree could protect them from evil, and ward off bad luck, while the fruit’s stone was used to soothe the symptoms of allergy, and reduce inflammation. It is no coincidence then that peaches are used as an ingredient in so many skincare products. Their extract, as an oil derived from either the stone or from the plant’s leaves, is rich in vitamins and nutrients that contribute to slowing down the aging process. Vitamin C is especially helpful against free radicals and it soothes inflammation, while giving your skin a boost of antioxidants that will help it build its defenses against external agents, and repair more quickly. Ready for peach-smooth skin? 😉


No sooner said than done! All you need to make your cheeks look like the hottest fruit right now is a little bit of color. This shade has always been a best-seller in perfume stores, because it works with most skin tones, and looks good on everyone – and we mean everyone. The trend of 2017 is not just about color, though, it will also seduce your sense of smell! Just think about the perfume of the entire Sweet Peach collection by Too Faced, it is so delicious it can be addictive. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!


For professional noses, peaches can be pretty tricky: the science of perfumery found no way to extract this note naturally so far, which is why it usually gets reproduced chemically, in the lab. Peach notes are used to make any scent “rounder”, giving it a full, velvety touch that cannot be found in other fruits. We bet that at least one of the perfumes you own contains this beloved, widely used note, it is more commonly used than you would imagine. Have a look at the gallery, and you will see!

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