Close your eyes and imagine you are in the south of France. We bet that the first image that came to mind was a large field of lavender. Did you know that lavender is great for skincare, too? It has so many excellent properties, it is soothing, it works as anti septic and an anti inflammatory. It’s been used over the centuries to treat skin irritation, acne and burns, as well as infections and wounds. And that’s not the full story of this ingredient!

fragranceLavender scent should make you think of a very well-known note all noses will recognize. It is widely known as an ingredient in detergents as well as in some of the most exclusive fragrances, and it is appreciated in aromatherapy, too, which is why it is often found in candles, or even as a spray to apply onto your pillow before sleeping… Just a few drops before bedtime are enough to guarantee sweet dreams!

skincareGoing back to facial skin care, lavender is great to tame skin inflammations. It comes in two versions, as an essential oil and as hydrosol. The former is obtained by distilling lavender flowers, while the second solution is obtained from distilled water that gets subsequently condensed. If you have a lavender-based product in your beauty arsenal, don’t only use it for your regular beauty routine: it can work wonders on congested skin and insect bites, too!

makeupLast but not least, this product category also couldn’t resist the influence of this purple flower, which is part of the same family of plants as mint. Really, lavender as a color has always been highly appreciated when it comes to makeup (it has the abiliy to correct the appearance of tired dull skin), but right now, it’s really everywhere. Lavender highlighters are all the rage, especially when holographic, and will make you look shinier than a faraway galaxy!

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