The fragrance of summer is so hard to describe. It has something to do with the seaside, ice cream, the sunsets, and vacations. But that’s a bit vague, isn’t it? It definitely is! Truth is, life is different in the summer: the weather, the music, our schedule… everything changes – including perfumes! Indeed, the perfumes more so than everything else, because the way they work changes with changing temperatures. Confused? In fact, we don’t just choose different notes, but the warm weather also affects how perfumes and the surrounding environment interact. Hold on – here comes your super easy science lesson of the day: perfumes need warmth to be “worn”. When they’re in their bottles, they are neuter compounds of aromatic molecules. When it touches your skin, however, a perfume starts evaporating thanks to the warmth the skin emanates… and you start smelling nice! Magic! Now, this process is affected by changing seasons (perfumes evaporate faster in the summer) and some notes are more volatile than others, which means summer has its own fragrance. While we tend to wear intensely flowery, sweet and woody perfumes in the wintertime, this kind of perfume will only last a short while in the summer, and what is left will give you odor fatigue very quickly. Fear not, however: you just need to choose a perfume that works in the summer. This will have to be a harmonious, easy-to-wear fragrance, reminiscent of travels, strolling on the beach, and sunlight. Did you know that how you experience this is different, depending on where you live? Blame it on your sunscreen! In the States, summer is associated with coconut and frangipani (Coppertone, anyone?), while for people in Europe, summer tends to smell like orange blossom and lavender. In addition to these notes, summer is also about green, citruses, and white flowers like jasmine and tuberose. Scroll down to the gallery for the fragrances of the season… and have an excellent-smelling summer!

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