Composit - Profumi PrimaveraWe can immediately tell it’s Spring because of its scent. The air becomes fresh and inviting, flowers bloom and everything awakens. If you are ready for personal regrowth, choosing a new fragrance is an excellent start. We selected 10 perfect fragrances for Spring 2016. The must-haves have floral and lightly citrusy notes that include rose, jasmine, and Neroli – the blossom of bitter orange tree.

Rose. The queen of spring flowers, in all its variations; this is one of the most popular ingredients in traditional perfumery. It’s said to be the first perfume essence to ever be distilled. Considered and aphrodisiac, it’s also perfect to fight any moments of sadness.

Jasmine. It’s one of the most delicate flowers in the world of perfumes. To obtain just 1 kg of pure essence, thousands of flowers are necessary. Traditionally, in India, even jasmine is considered to be an aphrodisiac. Maybe spring flowers are trying to tell us something! 😉

Neroli. This ingredient is particularly suitable for perfumes of the upcoming season due to its grace, delicacy and the sense of pureness it radiates. Its essential oil was originally used instead of the fragrance for its soothing and regenerating properties.

What fragrance will you choose for this spring? We’d love to try them all!

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