Discussing perfumes online is fairly complex. As much as we try to describe fragrances, notes and shades, until we invent a smell-o-vision version of the internet, which allows us to smell what we see on the screen, it will be mission impossible. But we’re brave, plus we really want to share our favorites with you, so here’s the TBS guide to 2016 summer perfumes. Firstly, given the dizzying temperatures in summer it’s worth avoiding fragrances that are too strong. Leave the woody, spicy and intoxicating aromas of amber and vanilla, and embrace the lighter floral notes, delicate water and green accents. If you really can’t bear to part with intense fragrances, try changing the concentration to an eau de toilette rather than an eau de parfum. It’s more suited to the warmer season and won’t be too far off your normal scent. The arrival of summer brings many new releases, limited editions and interesting small and large offerings to suit the size of your luggage. Browse through the gallery to discover which product best suits you and choose the fragrance that’s linked to your memories of this summer. A perfume has the ability to capture and reproduce precious moments each time you smell it. Who knows what flashbacks from the summer the bottle will contain… Have fun! 😉

P.S. Among our 15 tips to get ready for Summer you’ll find something else to help you smell good… Don’t miss out!


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