Composit Sport HairIt’s always the same old story: whether you are going to the gym or to yoga class, your hair is a mess. If you want to practice sports, but still look cute, at least a little, the question is always: how do I tie my hair up? We are here to help! In our gallery, you can find 20 ideas to tie up your hair and be sports-ready. You can go for ponytails, braids, buns… Anything works! Of course, to have the same results as celebrities and models, you will need a bit of time and a few products to help you tame your locks. Still, we are hoping to give you ideas for the next time you feel you want your hair to look as good as your new fitness outfit. Enjoy your training!

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17 Responses to “20 sport-friendly updos for your hair”

  • Nice, my daughter is a Thai Boxer and could do with stylish ideas .. however grappling does tend to pull anything out until you look a mess anyway by the end of the session πŸ˜€

    Reply to Taylor Two Shop

    Oh yes, I had nead this post for such a long time!

    Reply to Sandra Slusna
  • Loving all of these great updos πŸ™‚ I always just tie up all of my hair in a messy ponytail, but these creative little spins on ordinary dos are so nice! Thank you so much for sharing! Will definitely try this out!

    XO, Elizabeth

    Reply to Elizabeth T.

    Who makes the one piece in the top left? The yellow black and pink one?

    Reply to Brittany
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