COVER CAPELLI CORTISSIMIIf the start of the new season feels like a gentle push towards change, the first thing we feel like changing is our look. Why not start from our hair, then, and be daring, with a very short haircut? 2cm seems to be the coolest length, when looking at catwalks: models of color started this trend first, then all nationalities, complexions and hair types followed suit — super short hair is now a must! So, what are you waiting for, for cutting it out, already? If you are still not convinced, take a look at our gallery for super-short hairstyle inspiration.

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  • I love the short hairstyles that many models nowadays have. It lets us see more of their face and makes them look a lot more edgy x

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  • It’s such a unique hairstyle that will suite only the most confident women. I dont think I could ever do that..but it looks great for some girls. Really cool!

    AGNESE from

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    Però tu non te li tagli…perchè consigliarlo allora?

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